Following Forefather’s Faith: Catholics Lead American Revival with ‘Million Monica’ Moms

America is in dire need of a revival of faith and humanitarian action, and it is the Catholic church that is already primed to lead the movement through organized prayer and powerful exorcism.

And that might be why the leftist government is using the FBI to harass Catholics on numerous fronts, including praying in Latin and opposing baby murder.

But men and women are praying and advocating for their faith anyway, and if they build unity around the country it could change the face of politics, according to media reports- so expect fighting Catholics and other Christian groups to be a priority for the leftists in power.

What a marriage this is, the faith of the men and women of the Catholic Church- working together in public.

Demonic leftist activism has throttled our great nation and destroyed our trusted institutions, including the American church, and Catholics are seen as leading a massive pushback.


Here is a real parents movement; as Human Rights editor Jack Posobiec explained when praying in Latin last week, it is important to remember the spiritual traditions of our forefathers. Here he is talking about that:


And it is the Moms who are leading as well:

A reader of Frontline America made us aware of a hopeful movement of “Monica’s”.

From their website, Millions of Monicas:

Millions of mothers have watched their children abandon their Catholic faith in a chaotic, stressful and struggling world.  

Join other Catholic women who are being called by the Holy Spirit to imitate St. Monica as they attend this prayer ministry in their parishes.  

Like St. Monica, we pray for our children to return to the practice of their Catholic faith, and for our children to always stay close to their faith.  We are a group of mothers, young and old, who believe in the mother’s power of prayer.

Our mission is to encounter God through prayer for ourselves and our children; to grow in holiness and humility.

On the site are testimonials:

“I went not knowing what to expect and I left with a new sense of peace knowing that I’m not alone and that other mothers feel like I do.”  Bonnie V.

“The music was beautiful. It was powerful to know that other mothers were praying with me and for my children at that very moment!  The prayer to St. Monica is my favorite prayer now.”  Jane W.

“I loved it.  I thought it was very beautiful and tender.  I plan to be back next week and bring another mother I know would want to come to something like this.”  Mary N.

“It feels like you are with an army of praying mothers and you begin to understand that you are not the only one who wants this for their children.  I love going.”  Kathleen T.

When asked a friend what she takes away each week, she responded, “filling out the signs and sowings card each week, I am more in tuned to look for the small ways God is answering my prayers.  I also hold myself more accountable to bring Jesus into my daily conversations as a means of encouragement.”  Colleen L.

“I felt unburdened.”  Nadia


Fox News reported recently about how the Biden administration is pushing back on Catholics claiming their traditions and leading their children:

Attorneys general are demanding answers from the FBI and DOJ, saying the agencies’ internal memo labeled Catholics as racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists.

In a letter to the FBI previously obtained by Fox News Digital, Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares and GOP attorneys urged the department to “desist from investigating and surveilling Americans who have done nothing more than exercise their natural and constitutional right to practice their religion.”

The Chicago Thinker managing editor — who is also the daughter of co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy — Evita Duffy joined “Fox & Friends Weekend” to break down the FBI’s alleged reasoning for targeting Catholics. 

“Traditional Catholic is the type of liturgy you prefer, which means the Latin mass. These are people that enjoy Latin mass,” she said. “They are very law-abiding citizens, very devout. Often they homeschool their kids. These are not terrorists at all, in fact, White supremacy is antithetical to everything the Catholic Church teaches, especially what a traditional Catholic would adhere to.”

“And also, the Catholic Church is very multiracial, multicultural. Catholic means universal, and 40% of Catholics in America are Hispanic, and they tend to be the more traditional ones.”

That could change the 2024 election if they were to get engaged and vote for their values.

For more on what Catholics are doing, here is a story about a group called Catholics to Catholics who were very successful this week:

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