CARTEL FANTASY COME TRUE! Painful Truth About Biden’s Open Border, USA is a Sitting Duck For Danger

Ben Bergquam, the host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice , drove along the US southern border and made several stops along the way to interview people and investigate how the open border policies of Democrat Joe Biden is making an impact on law enforcement and the communities in the area that are seeing a massive global migration into the USA, after being enticed and assisted by radical leftists.

The border is wide open, and that makes it much easier for the Cartel to use the border as they see fit, possibly endangering American citizens. Bergquak also pointed out that law enforcement has been so marginalized by Joe Biden and the Democrats that people are camping out on our border by the thousands for days at a time, with no interaction from any law enforcement or assistance- showing that the situation is spinning out of control.

And because it is the Democrats- there is no plan to help save the USA. The focus has been on letting people come into the area unrestricted and may their way into the countryside and settle down- for their new life in our country.

“This is Joe Biden’s America,” Bergquam said.

Bergquam posted a quick video update of what he discovered on his way to Pheonix:

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