CULTURE BOMB! Bergquam and Bryson Gray Rap ‘Marriage and Gender’ at AZ Turning Point Block Party

Ben Bergquam, a Real America’s Voice correspondent, attended the Turning Point USA block Party in Pheonix, Arizona, on Friday night. He ran into incredible Christian conservative rapper Bryson Gray, and the two had a great discussion about the meaning of the words: Marriage and Gender.

“As we’re out here at the block party TP USA and I got one of my favorite people. Bryson Gray. You know, it’s being a Christian and actually representing what the Bible says. That’s it’s amazing,” Bergquam said, handing the mic to Gray.

” I find it beautiful because every question we have, God has answered us the in the Bible. All you have to do is follow it. He gave you a cheat sheet and you will get a 100 on the test. That is all it is.

Berguqm chimed, “I don’t care if the culture is going one way. If Jesus says not to do it, you don’t do it. It is very simple, and we are a culture. That’s it. We are the culture.”

The two agreed that as Christians, they both needed to lead and defend Christian culture in public to encourage others to do the same.

“God, family country. Husbands wives one man. One woman two genders.,” Bergquam said. “God defined it, not you, not me- but God.”

“You can’t pick. It’s very simple. That’s what it’s about. Raising your kids to love this country, respect God, and respect their parents,” Bergquam said.

“There is one definition of marriage,” Gray added.

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