CCP Manufacturing Hell: Leftists want Americans to Think the CCP is a Populist Movement, why you Should care

According to the New Federal State of China, a grassroots group of liberty-loving Chinese, who had a brilliant presence at CPAC last week, if Americans want to stop a hot war with the Chinese Communist Party before one begins, all they have to do is stop doing business with CCP.

The New Federal State of China (NFSC) is a political movement or lobby group created by Guo Wengui with the stated aim of ending the dominance of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as the Chinese government. Launched on June 4, 2020.

Their ideas seem simple enough; however, the opponents of the America First movement do not like the idea because ending dependence on cheap labor in China would mean bringing our manufacturing back home or putting somewhere where we would have more control, and that would give Americans the prosperity that has been stolen from them, and given away, over several decades.

So there is a conflict.

The Chinese group, seeking some freedom, unites with the “decouple from China’ movement of the America First agenda, as seen in this footage from CPAC with NFSC member, Prince as narrator:

Of course, proponents of cheap goods want to paint the actions of staying in China as noble and good- even calling themselves- Populists.

However, the Chinese Communist Party is not a democratic system, so America’s dependence on cheap goods has enriched the ruling class of China and enslaved everyone else to work for meager wages- again- that is not very Populist.

“Americans have crated a slave society with their demands for cheap goods. We need Americans to clean up their own political system and to stop doing business with the CCP. The influence of the Party in everywhere in American society, culture, and business. We don’t understand why Americans have allowed this,” one member of the NFSC named ‘Prince’ told Frontline America at CPAC.

Slavery is NOT Populist, and that is what the New Federal State of China told CPAC attendees, over and over.

If America stopped doing business with the CCP, it would bankrupt them, and then the Chinese people could reclaim their ancient civilization, elect new leaders, handle their business, and live in peace.

That was the overall message from the group, and scanning the headlines about China this week, it looks like they may be on to something about how to get the Communists out of power as a political force. At least one American media outlet is reporting that the head of the CCP is vulnerable right now.

According to MSN, “China’s leader Xi Jinping hit out at the United States with unusually direct comments as he called on the country’s private companies to “fight” alongside the Communist Party at a time of mounting challenges at home and abroad,” they reported adding:

“[In the past five years,] Western countries led by the United States have contained and suppressed us in an all-round way, which has brought unprecedented severe challenges to our development,” Xi told a group of government advisers representing private businesses during an annual legislative meeting in Beijing on Monday.

China’s top leader usually avoids directly attacking the US in public even as relations between Beijing and Washington have deteriorated sharply in recent years. He generally refers only to “Western countries” or “some developed nations” when making critical comments about Washington.

Speaking to business delegates from a top political advisory body, Xi expressed concerns about the country’s external and economic challenges, urging Chinese people to “unite as one.”

“In the coming period, the risks and challenges we face will only increase and become more severe. Only when all of the people think in one place, work hard in one place … can we continue to win new battles,” he said, according to a readout published by state-run Xinhua news agency. “We are in the same boat.”

The CCP’s allies present the Tyrants of the CCP as good Populists who are just caring about people.

But the members of the NFSC say they do not feel cared about, and they want the world to know that the CCP has a weakness- it is that they are in trouble.

One man who escaped China, a top scientist, told Frontline America that the CCP, in order to control Christians changed the character and nature of Jesus even, disallowing them their own spiritual path and enlightenment.

That is not caring about people. But some people only understand money and power, and freedom to seek spiritual enlightenment is not important to them. But it is to the NFSC who thinks they can make progress for their freedom to live and grow- by striking the controlling party in the pocketbook.

And they are on to something. This is where the global conflict is between nations.

CNN reported in 2021 that China’s manufacturing was indeed in trouble. But in March of 2023, they appear to be bouncing back, according to a Financial Times article cited in a post titled, China as a Global Example:

“China is being badmouthed because it is showing that modern industry can work fine with far smaller privileges for the rich,” one of the CCP’s supporters wrote in reaction to the article in The Financial Times.

From TFT article:

“Asian and European stocks rally on robust Chinese economic data

“China’s manufacturing sector expands at fastest pace in more than a decade…

“Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index leapt 4.2 percent, and China’s CSI 300 climbed 1.4 percent. Europe’s region-wide Stoxx 600 was up 0.1 percent, and Germany’s Dax and France’s Cac 40 gained 0.3 percent. The FTSE 100 rose 0.5 per cent.

“Figures released on Wednesday showed that China’s manufacturing sector expanded at its fastest pace in more than a decade, in an unambiguous signal that its economy was rebounding after the lifting of the punitive zero-Covid regime.”

The glowing post, linked above, goes on in a glowing review of how much the Maoist revolution served the people of the world in a sort of Populist Revolution.

Yet, no one living under the CCP appears to be saying those things. People who make money off of the CCP appear to love the system, and the poor people who struggle under oppression do not like the CCP. And the CCP, in their capitalist pursuits, have reached out and demanded their societal influences and demands for bizarre public policies be obeyed around the globe.

This is where the global conflict is unfolding and why people are finally starting to pay attention because the CCP is not just doing business; they also demand that they are obeyed.

So the hope is to bankrupt the CCP and eliminate their controlling demands.

GNEWS, which is affiliated with the New Federal State of China group reported last week that an alliance had formed to take manufacturing business away from the CCP:

According to a report by Taiwanese media on March 4th, The Economist pointed out that the escalating geopolitical tension between the United States and Communist China has forced global manufacturers to seek other Asia regions as production bases. A product of Asia’s substitute supply chain has emerged: Altasia. Altasia comprises 14 Asian countries, including Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and Bangladesh. It is on par with China regarding the export volume and technological labor, attracting global manufacturers to move out of China.

GNEWS cites more from the Economist:

The Economist further stated that the tension between the United States and China is not the only reason for the shift in manufacturing. China’s labor costs have risen markedly and are now much higher than those in South and Southeast Asia. Last year, the hourly labor cost of manufacturing was $8.31, while in India, Thailand, and Vietnam, it was less than $3. Some electronic manufacturers had gradually moved out of China before the intensification of the U.S.-China conflict, and geopolitical tension has made the transition a necessity.

The report said that China’s productivity is still difficult to outperform, and Altasia’s diversified economic entities do not operate as a single entity like China. Infrastructure construction and logistics services are also huge challenges. For many companies, however, finding alternative production bases is now a top priority. In the coming years, Altasia’s increasing attractiveness will become apparent.

The global conflict between free people and the Chinese Communist Party will likely unfold for a very long time.

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