J6 Footage Shows Man Pushed People into the Capitol Building, Was Also Wired Up

As the footage from the police cams from the Capitol Police is seeping out that proves the government’s story about what happened at the US Capitol on Jan 6th, 2021, was a total lie, lawmakers like so-called ‘Republican” Thom Tillis are in a panic and turning on the public saying it is “bulls*it” that the little familiar people get any truth that would expose his elite friends as the liars they are.

Listen to a woman scold a man, saying, “Stop, Stop. No! No! You pushed us in”:

And letting the public see that footage, along with the footage Tucker Carlson showed on his Fox News program, was enough to make Thom Tillis start crying.

This was Carlson’s Monday night program:

Well, ok Tillis didn’t cry- he did whine as usual- he wouldn’t be shedding tears for the Americans who are still in prison for doing nothing more than going to their Nation’s capitol. Tillis is a classic taxpayer burden who lies to get into office and then does whatever will make him some money, and forgets all about his voters back in North Carolina.

Voters are only good to shine on when he is drifting for a cushy Senate job.

Check out Tillis here:

Tillis, and his haughty pals simply have no respect for the American people who pay his way through life. He can’t even pretend anymore, apparently.

Let’s face it America- these guys are just not in to us.

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