College Now: Sharia Fills the Void That Demonizing America Has Built

This would all feel a lot different if Islamic-Sharia-dominated countries were beacons of liberty and freedom, but they aren’t. Independent journalists are uncovering a painful truth about American society right now- which is that we know that people crave allegiance, belonging, and fellowship- but we are not allowed to offer American liberty, Judeo-Christian values, or the freedom of Western civilization.

And Islam has come in to fill the void.

Consider this:

Sharia is on the rise in America at a time we are facing a crippling amount of erosion in our law and order.

Sharia law is a system of religious laws and principles derived from the Quran, the Hadith (sayings and actions of their Prophet Muhammad), and interpretations by Islamic scholars. It governs various aspects of Muslim life, including personal morality, family law, finance, and governance.

Sharia encompasses various topics, including rituals, worship, morality, marriage, divorce, inheritance, business transactions, and criminal justice. It provides guidelines on how Muslims should live their lives according to Islamic principles.

It’s important to note that Sharia can vary widely in its interpretation and application based on cultural, historical, and regional contexts. In some countries where Islam is the official religion, elements of Sharia may be incorporated into the legal system, either partially or fully. However, the extent to which Sharia influences the legal system can differ significantly from one country to another.

So what are these uprisings really about?

In recent years, a growing concern has emerged regarding the lack of allegiance American citizens have been encouraged to show toward American culture, ideas, and values and the disconnect from a higher power that has been pushed and promoted among numerous generations at the same time.

This phenomenon has contributed significantly to the current uprisings and violence on college campuses as people address the causes and consequences of this value shift.

Thursday morning, a citizen journalist broadcast the changing values of an American campus where a building has been transformed:

One perspective suggests that the decline in patriotism and religious faith can be attributed to a broader cultural change. Traditional values are being questioned and replaced by more individualistic and secular beliefs, which has left many young people feeling lost and disconnected from their communities and their heritage.

The left has been accused of contributing to this situation by criticizing America and its history, often focusing on its flaws and imperfections while overlooking its achievements and ideals. This narrative has led some to believe that their country is not worthy of loyalty or respect, leading to alienation and even outright hatred.

At the same time, the left has been accused of promoting a more favorable view of Islam, often presenting it as a religion of peace and tolerance. This portrayal has led some to embrace Islam as a source of identity and community, filling the void left by the decline in patriotism and religious faith.

And there is proof of that exact thing happening, just a Ben Bergquam reported on Wednesday, showing a group of young people openly worshiping the God of Islam and commenting that students have been taught to hate God:

Critics argue that this shift in allegiance is a deliberate attempt by the left to undermine American values and replace them with a more global and multicultural perspective. They claim that the left is exploiting the vulnerability of young people who are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives.

And leading them away from their own potential to become foot soldiers in a foreign war:

However, others argue that the left’s critique of America and its promotion of Islam is not part of a nefarious plot but rather an attempt to address the injustices and inequalities that exist within society. They believe that questioning traditional values and embracing diversity signifies progress and enlightenment.

Yet War tactics, as uncovered by other independent journalists, like what is being uncovered do not convey peace and harmony:

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