Compare and Contrast: Dems Clown show this Week in DC While GOP Reveals Dangers, ‘The State of our Border Is OPEN’

2023 Legislative Committees are going to be a central source of news and information as we advance. Readers can expect detailed information about the workings of the Federal Government to be exposed from hearings under Republican leadership, especially from the Oversight Committee.

The Committee on Oversight and Accountability is the central investigative committee of the United States House of Representatives. The committee’s broad jurisdiction and legislative authority make it one of the most influential and powerful panels in the House.

Republican James Comer is the chairman of the Committee. It was exposed at a recent hearing on the border, after hearing from two border patrol agents who testified about their concerns, that Democrat Jamie Raskin, the Ranking House member, is in charge of the social media account on Twitter for the Democrats on the committee and is promising to try to turn the committee into a clown show.

Raskin was elected the Ranking member of the Oversight committee by his peers to lead and represent the Democrats, and at the Tuesday border hearing, he went into a long tirade of nonsense in a clear attempt to marginalize the massive corruption and danger at the US border, claiming that Republican’s concerns is nothing more racism.

Yes- Raskin really did that and he did it as a representative of the entire party, we can expect that he will spend the next two years beclowning himself in public on their behalf.

And we will see how unserious he is about very concerning issues.

Senior Advisor to President Trump and Founder of America First Legal, Stephen Miller, summed what Americans need to know about the border perfectly- it is open:

Most Republicans know that open borders are a problem for the US.

As reported- here on Frontline America- in extensive and complex detail by Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam, the host of Law and Border for the network, the open borders are the reason for the rise in crime all along the border and also deep in the heart of the United States as well, due to a massive migration from many third world countries.

We covered here that deep in the heart of South America- people believe that the border is “open” are making a trek to get here to exploit that:

The difference between the Republicans and the Democrats was clearly displayed at the hearing and was directly pointed out by Comer in closing comments- directed at Raskin’s crazy comments when he said:

“I am not even sure how to respond to you,” adding:

“It appears to be that the two sides could not be any different; we believe that border security is national security- you are saying that anyone who wants to secure the border is a racist. We believe that people are killed because of the fentanyl crisis and rising crime. We are here to gather facts from the frontlines who are in the border patrol agency because we want to support them. We have made trips to the border. Border patrol is begging us to change policies to make their jobs easier and their lives safer. We heard from border patrol that Mexican drug cartels are exploiting Biden’s policies.”

Raskin, in contrast, wanted the body to unify and denounce the great replacement theory that he had been rambling on and on about. [See Video below of full hearing]

And the difference between the two parties on the issues at the border began before the hearing.


From the responsible Republicans, a press release was issued from Comer about the crisis America faces at the border, and the Democrats posted a clown show on Twitter.

Opens hearing on Biden’s Border Crisis by emphasizing the importance of gathering facts from U.S. Border Patrol Chiefs

Check it out:

At the hearing, Raskin referred to why he posted the following as a nasty gram on social media from the minority he represents, as reflecting his true feelings, offering to delete the tweet if the committee will obey him and denounce the great replacement theory:

Watch Raskin and hear his point of view- do you hear a clown speaking:


See Comer and Raskin’s Exchange about racism in the last 10 mins of the video:

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