COURAGEOUS REPORTING! Law And Border Marathon Saturday 4-10- Must Watch And Share!

Ben Bergquam has outstanding. exclusive reporting on the border that is better than anything the mainstream media is going to show Americans and he has his own showcase for it all on Real America’s Voice. Bergquam’s relentless and courageous reporting has exposed a number of national stories- LONG before other outlets got wind of the details- that is because Berngquam is on the border constantly interviewing top lawmakers, activists and public officials, and he has numerous networks he works with to get the real details of the disastrous open borders.

Ahead of the 2022 elections, our border states really need to have their political leadership scrutinized for what they are doing- so this is the perfect time to watch Law and Border marathon and spread the message around to voters you know.

Bergguam’s show is on Real America’s Voice Network and he is a regular guest on the War Room program with Steve Bannon.


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