CPAC: Trump Tribe Texas Talks About Rejecting Democrats

Michael Manuel had a chance to talk to War Room host Steve Bannon before CPAC in Dallas even really got started. Bannon paid Manuel a compliment that pleased the small business owner; Bannon said his “Trump Tribe Texas is brilliant.”

Manuel, who travels around with four beautiful patriotic ladies, is becoming very well known in the MAGA world.

Each member of the ‘Trump Texas Tribe’ is wearing an exclusively designed T-shirt with one of the letters that spell out “Trump.” Beautifully glittered traced letters on a bright yellow shirt have become an icon scene at Trump rallies and CPAC events.

People stop them to get their photo with them, which gives Manuel and his ladies a chance to tell them about his Texas Boutine called La Te Da Boutique in Beaumont, Texas- Check out their. Facebook Page

“Matt Schlapp loves us,” Manuel told me. And now Bannon is on to this great idea too.

Manuel shared his thoughts about the group’s founding. Manuel had been a Democrat up until the pandemic hit. He told me that his ‘awakening happened during the pandemic because of the way the Democrats were destroying his small business and lying about Republicans.

He decided during that time that President Trump was the only one thinking about small business and what it means to America.

Manuel’s Facebook is his primary social media at the time. Since adopting Donald Trump as their mascot, Manual said he had lost some valued customers, but his tribe, friends, and supporters have given him much more.

“Manuel has a way of pulling together my outfit for an event. So I leave there ready from head to toe- and I have had so much fun too. Michael knows what women want, and he knows how to dress us. His boutique has a little bit of everything, and I love it,” one of Manuel’s long-time customers told me.

“Small business is the backbone of America,” Manuel told me. “Republicans are nothing like how Democrats describe, and I have been having a great time with people who understand the business as I do. Since I started this, we have received a great response from people. Sometimes people stop in just to say Hi and get their photo taken with the Trump cutout.”

Listen to more from Manuel on GETTR:

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