Crime Hurts: Video Shows Store Owners are Hiding Inventory in New York City Shops Because of Increase in Crime

Even Eric Adams, NYC’s Democrat Mayor, recently slammed the ‘right to shelter,’ saying that the migrant crisis is ‘not sustainable’ after touting sanctuary status.

Certainly, having an increased number of illegal aliens living in the streets of New York City is not actually decreasing crime, as some groups claim. 

The city is a mess because of the massive number of illegals, and there have been numerous indications that crime is growing.  While there is some politicking going on about the actual numbers of crimes, people are reporting feeling more worried about being the victims of crimes after headlines about ‘smash and grab’ robberies in August and September.  

Democrats insist that crime is down, but people are not buying it. 


US Rep. Anna Luna reported on her social media in response to Adams claims that NYC is “ the Safest city and respecting the rule of law?” by scoffing, then adding:  “Surges in robbery, burglary, and other crimes drove a 22 percent increase in overall major crime in New York City last year compared with the year prior, despite a significant drop in shootings and murders,” she wrote quoting the NYT Jan. 5, 2023.

There are several viral videos showing brazen crimes. 



“It is not going to get any better,” Adams told his city early in August, saying they have no more room for illegals. 

“Asylum seekers have been sleeping on New York City sidewalks as Mayor Eric Adams says shelters are out of the room. The migrants have been sitting outside of the Roosevelt Hotel for days, sharing what food they have with each other. NBC News’ Ellison Barber has the details,” NBC News reported. 

Illegals are crowding in the streets: 


For example, Karoline Leavitt, the spokeswoman for Make America Great Again Inc. @MAGAIncWarRoom, posted footage of several New York City stores with empty window fronts.

The empty windows, Leavitt said, were a consequence of crime sprees in the city.

“Endless empty window displays line the streets of New York City — just one of the many effects of Democrat-induced lawlessness. Small business owners can’t even show off their property because criminals will smash & grab it, with no consequence. America needs LAW & ORDER!,” Leavitt posted.


The damage being done in New York City from the consequences of Joe Biden’s massive national crime spree was cited recently in DC on the Hill, as we reported:

Jaw-Dropping Testimony on Catastrophic Burden of Biden-Mayorkas Border Crisis

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