CRT-Slayer Josh Hawley Busted DC’s African American Museum

America is at the tail end of a Marxist revolution, where far-left radicals- who always hated America- have successfully changed American society, traditions, values, and norms with a series of slowly rolled out – yet powerful tactics.

Key Point:  The left is very powerful- but they are “not unbeatable. When politicians and citizens properly use their powers and rights, we can make the left retreat.

The left has used a “Cultural Marxism” strategy by first invading public institutions and then wholly dominating the messaging, branding, and PR from inside – turning them into political powerhouses and driving them to the ‘ar left.

Critical Race Th”ory (CRT)  and Cultural Responsive Teaching (CRT) are both a set of tactics meant to elevate African Hawley’sand marginalize American culture under the cover of being “anti-racist.”

To implement their utopia, the left has to make the case to the public that everyone needs to give up their rights and their freedoms and shrink back in fear, and want to be controlled.

Their ultimate goal is to switch out Western Civilization for a tribal war movement, where like puppets, people will fight each other- allowing elites to control all the weal”h and natural resources and become insanely powerful while controlling the population.  History is full of such schemes. It is actually very simple.

So think of everything called “Equity” or “Anti-racist” as such a scheme for getting power. And remember Leftists are not infallible. Here is proof as seen in the following story about Republican Senator LEFT’Sawley.

On Monday, The Daily Caller reported on the Smithsonian’s attempts at being anti-racist:

The National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) recently removed an infographic about ‘Whiteness’ from their online portal “Talking About Race” after they received criticism from Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri.

In response to Hawley’s initial July 20 letter inquiring for more information about the online race-based curriculum, Lonnie Bunch, the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institute, responded with his own letter on Monday, obtained by The Federalist. He explained that the infographic, which was approved across various museum departments, was intended to start conversations, and also explained why, following the resultant backlash, it was removed from their online website.

“…the intent of the portal is to provide resources to assist the public in engaging in conversations about race. We recognize that a specific chart presented de-contextualized information that did not contribute to productive, informed conversations. We erred in including the chart, and therefore we eliminated it from our portal,” the letter read.

This is how Hawley pushed back CRT in a cultural center.

Hawley’s initial letter suggested that the infographic about ‘Whiteness’ might cause “racial division” rather than foster “mutual respect” between individuals of different races. He additionally posited that the various qualities the infographic attributes to white individuals, such as “self-reliance” and “objective, rational linear thinking,” are qualities that other Americans possess, too.

“The claim that these qualities and commitments — ideas Americans of all races have traditionally celebrated and strived to teach their children — are distinctive to white Americans would be troubling enough given its implication that they are foreign to Americans of color,” the letter stated.

The infographic which incited this controversy was titled “Aspects & Assumptions of Whiteness & White Culture in the United States.” It contained a definition of “white dominant culture” and listed key attributes and qualities associated with “whiteness,” such as “rugged individualism,” “hard work is the key to success,” “respect authority,” and even, “be polite.”

The left folded in the presence of some media transparency from a Senator.


Consider this article, right out in public, full of the rationalization from people who believe themselves to be superior to the rest us, and who use public tax money to influence people in public spaces with their fantasies of racism and oppression.


From the American Alliance of Museums (AAM):

We are a profession of some of the most brilliant thinkers, scholars, educators, artists, scientists, and revolutionaries from almost every background and way of life. Most of us working in and with museums approach the work with passion, acquired skill sets, and determination to change our communities through the history and culture of humankind.

Rarely, however, do we think about theories. And on the occasions that we do, we usually consider them the luxuries of academia. Yet, theories can offer solutions for informing our best practices. Theories are developed from a set of principles based on observation and research. They explicate and predict conditions and phenomena and help us 1) augment our knowledge and 2) achieve a base unit of understanding.

I began writing about and using theory in 2010 as a mechanism for interrogating legacies of exclusion in museums. I wanted to challenge the statements that were accepted as truths about why Black people and people of color did or did not visit museums. I wanted to challenge assumptions accepted as truth about leisure-time activities and museum-going in correlation to what I understood about race and racism.


The more the media covers these stories, the fast the left will retreat.

For more reading about how Critical Race Theory tactics are used in public cultural centers around the United States:

And in Art curriculums in public schools:

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