Crush MSM: See Brilliant New Footage Of ‘We Build The Wall’

Want to see amazing footage of the border that the mainstream media will not show you? Here are some drug cartel paths up the side of a mountain that are undeniable.

That footage is below. The footage was taken by Jeff Rainforth, whose expert photography and video footage add a hugely important element to the great reporting by Ben Bergquam, founder of Frontline American and host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice.

This is the work of Americans who want to get the real story out – that has been suppressed up until now.

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We featured Rainforth’s footage in an article about Bergquam’s reporting:

Here is the evidence of how effective We Build The Wall really is, which of course, the media does not want anyone to know. Watch Rainforth break up the Cartel paths to begin construction:

Check out what Rainforth has been up to lately:

Open in app or online VIDEO: I Climbed A Cartel Path By The Private Border Wall.

This is the wall Kolfage & Bannon had built

DEC 12 


This is from my recent 3-state border tour. I hiked & climbed a mountain path that cartels & coyotes use to get illegal aliens across the border.

The We Build the Wall (WBTW) private border wall cut off 19 cartel trails so anyone wanting to get in has to trek around the mountain. The Catholic Church owns the land at the top and won’t sell nor allow walls to be built. It would have to be taken by eminent domain. Below is one of the drone videos I took while visiting on my tour.

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I was the videographer and news editor for WBTW and was the only person besides “Foreman Mike” allowed at the site during construction. I filmed the construction of the wall from start to finish. It was kept a secret so leftists wouldn’t hold protests and so insane Democrats who are being paid off by cartels wouldn’t try to stop the project. It was a crazy time there in 2019 right before the rona was released by China to hurt Trump’s reelection chances.

Steve Bannon at the WBTW wall right after completion – Photo: Jeff Rainforth
This is one of the hundreds of videos I shot of WBTW’s border wall being constructed. This one is about cartel paths being cut off.

Check out this drone footage:

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They say they are coming back…

Watch here for more stories from the border.

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