Kari Lake’s Lawsuit Defends Democracy, ‘Close to 200,000 Mismatched Signatures Stare us in the Face’, Big Drop of Evidence Expected Soon [AUDIO]

Kari Lake and her attorney Kurt Olsen had a press briefing on Friday to discuss the lawsuit against Katie Hobbs and other election officials in Arizona over the botched election in November, where numbers of ballots from mail-in votes that were counted had suspicious signatures and legal ballots by in-person voters- on election day- faced major problems with tabulators that didn’t work and long lines, leaving many Arizona voters disenfranchised.

“Using the machines in elections is based on trust, and when the machine companies refuse to be transparent or to let people see inside [to fix anything], you have to ask why,” Olsen said.

The discussion between independent journalists and the legal team focused on a very common sense and easy-to-understand problem the Lake team found- which is no one knows where up to 200,000 votes came from, and there was machine drama that appeared to show patterns of being intentional.

The team believes that the courts will care about these issues this time, over all the times they have ignored these problems, because of the very low ‘margin of error’ between Republican Kari Lake and Democrat Kaite Hobbs and the very large numbers of problematic ballots they believe they can show equals fraud.

“The complaint alleged that the number of illegal votes cast in the election “far exceeds the 17,117 vote margin” between the two candidates, a difference of .67 percent. It said Democrat Katie Hobbs did not receive the highest number of votes due to illegal votes,” Rachel Alexander of the Arizona Sun-Times reported.

Makes sense, right? Check the ballots or do the election over. Here was the conversation that night:

“One of the few pieces of this case, which stares us in the face, which is jaw-dropping, is the signature verification data,” Olsen told reporters, acknowledging that courts don’t always care about eyewitness testimony of wrongdoing in courts, adding:

“One of the primary ways to guard against mail-in voter fraud is to match the signatures on the ballots to actual voters, and they [election officials] are utterly failing in that,” Olsen said.

The left and Democrats are going to be so supportive of this because Republicans have found the perfect case to unite the country – election integrity- so we can all start defending the United States as a pillar of democracy, freedom and transparency.

Because what is ‘democracy‘? According to the Oxford dictionary- it is “a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.”

Um… we have a problem here.

Except we know, that isn’t the case. The legal team has an uphill climb to convince the courts and the left that elections are not just a “smash and grab” sort of operation to benefit Democrats.

Especially on the minds of Lake and Olsen that night was the signature verification process that seemed completely lacking on a massive amount of ballots where signatures were obviously wrong. Olsen said that he planned to file an exhibit on Monday of thousands of these examples for the public to see.

They will look something like this:

According to Olsen, what the courts have seen in the past were 10 to hundreds to thousands of declarations of eyewitness testimonies that didn’t touch the margin of error, and Kurt Olsen, legal counsel for Kari Lake, discussed why the lawsuit they filed Friday night is different.

“There are tens of thousands, to upwards of 100,000 and then 200,000 [ballots] with mismatched signatures, it is extraordinary and it is staring us in the face. SO it is not about the lawyers or candidates it is about the evidence,” Olsen said.

The improbability that the machines failed at the rate they did leads Lake’s team to say that the epic machine failures early in November were most likely intentional, according to Lake. Olsen spoke about a bit of testimony they had gathered to show where they got that idea from a cyber expert, whose sworn testimony is part of their evidence.

“Clay Parikh, a cyber expert who has extensive experience performing security tests on voting systems, including the type used in Maricopa County, stated that due to the lack of certification of some of the voting systems, the numerous procedural violations, the widespread failure of the tabulation process, the failure to provide proper instructions to handle the problem after it started, and the incorrect explanations given to the public, the election failures “can only be described as intentional,” Alexander reported.

Summarizing that testimony, Olsen told reporters:

“No one knows what happens to their ballot when it goes into a machine and the companies refuse to be transparent. If you look at Maricopa county and apply logic and accuracy testing where they say they test 100% of equipment to make sure it works- so they know they are supposed to test, and it is in their procedures- but they did not test the printers, on the ballot on-demand printers, by feeding an actual ballot through the tabulator—— which was discovered at 6 AM on election morning—– and of course chaos breaks out. “

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice and founder of Frontline America, who attended the press briefing, highlighted Olsen’s remarks about the process of getting the verification and how the state and county are supposed to check to see if they match.

“Breaking: Kurt Olsen of Olson Law representing@KariLake against@katiehobbs, and Arizona elections. “At least 10% of those ballots, the signatures do not match… you could be blind in one eye, and half blind in the other and tell that the signatures don’t match!”

Olsen said that the people who are going to downplay all of their evidence to deny that there any problems with the systems or people who run the elections will claim they have ‘procedures on the book’; however, as the Lake team asserts, the widespread failures show that the people didn’t follow their own procedures and that is what Lake says is the biggest problem of all.

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