Crying Adam Kinzinger Sends Out Breathless Grifting Email About Trump Indictment

Even Trump-hating squishy left US Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina, who doesn’t actually appreciate anything about President Trump other than using him for an endorsement, is not fond of the indictment against Trump right now- and that could be in Thom’s case because the indictment is likely to help Trump in the end.

But intelligent people everywhere realize that Soros-owned DA, Alvin Bragg, who started a political witch hunt, will see his dreams backfire.

Crying Adam Kinzinger, who openly wept about the panic and fear he felt on Jan 6th, and who is very bitter toward President Trump- and his 74 Million voters- is mad at everyone for not supporting him.

Kinzinger was forced into retirement because he lost all of his supporters for crying and being haughty. So he started a political PAC called “Country First” to make some fast money trying to start fights with Trump over Trump’s America First policy agenda.

Here Kinzinger talks to another bitter and resentful former Congressman, Joe Scarborough, about what is wrong with everyone else, and how they are really two queens of Conservativism:

Kinzinger is part of the group of people who just want to “get Trump”.

Politicians are lining up, Thursday night, to be heard about their opposition to Trump or their support of him. Here are some surprising reactions we found:

Crying Adam Kinzinger was grifting – in a fundraising email.

Look at this crazy, slanderous thing 9Trump is not guilty of anything):

He titles Indictment #1

Friend —

Today is a somber day for our nation.

I say that NOT because I’m sad to see a criminal indicted. I say that because I’m sad we have a criminal for a former president.

Sign the Petition

If you take one thing away from this email, let it be this: The indictment of Donald J. Trump doesn’t keep him from running for President; it doesn’t hurt his standing with his MAGA faithful; it doesn’t end the threat to democracy. 

Trump, the MAGA movement, and all of their anti-democratic allies are just getting started. Many of them are already sending out breathless fundraising appeals in response to the indictment, ready to cash-in on their leader’s shameless criminality. Rather than disbanding, today’s events will hyperdrive the victim complex that holds the cult together. We are NOT in the clear.

Friend, we already know what to expect, because the playbook doesn’t change: Trump and his allies are going to do everything in their power to derail the process, misrepresent the truth, and ridicule those trying to do the right thing every step of the way. Right wing media is going to have a field day – and certainly not because they believe in anything they are “reporting.”

But I know this to be true: Country First is just getting started. We will not cower to threats or schoolyard nicknames; we will not be gaslit by the lies; we will continue defending our democracy, with faith that justice will be served to those who would destroy it.

This moment demands that we stick together, united in the pursuit of justice and the defense of democracy. Will you take one or more of these actions today to help advance the mission?

>> Sign our petition demanding accountability for Trump

>> Recruit someone you care about to join our Reasonable Majority>> Get involved in our robust volunteer network

When we started this movement roughly two years ago, in the wake of January 6th, I knew if enough good, reasonable Americans joined together, we could defeat the threat to our democracy. And since then, we have beaten back many of his candidates across the country; we have broadcasted our mission and message to millions of people, further than anyone ever imagined; and we now have the massive coalition and infrastructure in place to scale that effort this year and in 2024. 

Thank you for bringing this movement to life. It’s an honor to work alongside you.

Country First,


See something of interest? All are welcome! Click on the event to register.Tuesday, April 4

9:00pm ET – Uniting States CampfireRSVP TodayWe’re hosting two former Governors of Montana, Marc Racicot (R) and Steve Bullock (D), who will be discussing the importance of good, reasonable people — no matter their party — uniting to defeat extreme attacks on our institutions and Constitution.Plus, we’ll follow it all with optional breakout rooms featuring members from all across the country to be part of our BrainSTORM.We hope you can make it.9:00 pm Eastern8:00 pm Central7:00 pm Mountain6:00 pm Pacific5:00 pm Alaska3:00 pm HawaiiThis event has been organized by the Montana Chapter of Country First, co-chaired by former state legislators Joel Krautter and Bruce Grubbs.

Isn’t that creepy?

Check out what a competitor to Trump has to say about the situation:

And even Democrats know there is something very wrong:

Well have to check in with Kinzinger and see if he hit the jackpot with the pearl-clutching fundraising.

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