DANGER! World Needs Trump for Human Rights to Flourish, According to Former Communist Country

From Romania, a nation that has battled Neo-Marxists and Neo-Communists comes invaluable advice regarding the adversaries confronting America. Drawing from the bitter experiences of past victims of Communism and echoing concerns about the corrosive impact on fundamental human rights, we are reminded of the urgent need for vigilance. ‘Trump for Romania, Trump for the world,’ proclaimed Bergquam in a video as he drove past a towering Trump banner, underscoring his belief in the global significance of President Trump’s leadership

“Trump billboard in Bucharest, Romania. The world knows we need Donald Trump back as President. That is why the communists on the left are trying to destroy him. Wait until you hear from the people…! Make Europe Great Again!”

Communism’s Legacy in Romania: A Fight for Cultural Renewal

Communism’s grip on Romania, under leaders like Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej and Nicolae Ceaușescu, left a deep scar of repression, censorship, and economic hardship. Ceaușescu’s fall in 1989 marked the end of dictatorship, but its impact still resonates today.

At CPAC in Romania, Ben Bergquam interviewed two Romanian leaders who echoed sentiments shared by many and highlighted the importance of leaders like President Trump in safeguarding Western values.

One participant, Cristian Terheș, is a Member of the European Parliament who traveled all the way to DC to learn more from the MAGA movement:

He emphasized the global stakes: “We will know if we will live in the world as we know it or a different kind of world.”

Reflecting on the parallels between the “Make America Great Again” movement and their aspirations, Romanian participant George Nicolae Simion stressed the need for a cultural resurgence. “We need to restore the values that made our countries and our continents great,” they emphasized, citing Christianity, respect for fundamental rights, and democracy as pillars.

Identifying threats, they pointed to both visible and invisible adversaries. “A visible threat is Russia and China,” they stated, emphasizing the need to curb their expansionist tendencies. However, they also highlighted a more insidious foe: “It’s a matter of values and culture…poisoning the hearts and minds of our people.” This cultural erosion, they argue, poses a profound danger to societal foundations.

Another speaker echoed these sentiments, underlining President Trump’s significance not just for America but for global patriots fighting against the encroachment of authoritarianism. “The Trump Victory means Patriotic victory in the future, for our Europe,” they asserted, framing the struggle as one between the forces of good and evil.

In confronting these challenges, unity emerges as a central theme. “It’s our honor to have people from all 27 states…it’s important for us to have people from the states,” one speaker remarked, emphasizing the need for a global alliance against tyranny. This sentiment underscores the interconnectedness of the fight for freedom.

Amidst these reflections, a call to action emerges. “We must be on the good side of history and with the forces of good,” they assert, urging individuals to stand against the tide of globalism and extremism. This call transcends borders, resonating with those who cherish liberty and democracy worldwide.

As Romania grapples with its communist legacy and charts a course towards renewal, voices like those at CPAC serve as beacons of hope. They remind us that while the past may cast a long shadow, the future is ours to shape. Through collective action and unwavering commitment to shared values, we can forge a world where freedom reigns supreme and democracy thrives.

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