Top Celebrity Funded ‘Save the Children’ NGO Raided in Guatemala over Allegations of Child Trafficking from Texas

From AP reports are coming in showing that Guatemalan prosecutors raided the offices of Save the Children, alleging misconduct related to migrant children’s rights.

“Prosecutor Rafael Curruchiche said in a video to media that the complaint filed by an unidentified foreigner had raised serious concerns because it involved allegations of abuse of children.

The raid came a week after the secretary general of Guatemala’s Public Ministry, Ángel Pineda, wrote a letter to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton asking for support in addressing allegations that Save the Children and other aid groups “could be participating in child trafficking operations,” NPR reported bout the situation.

CNN reported: “The raid was carried out by authorities from the Special Public Prosecutor Against Impunity and the Civil Police, government lawyers said, after an investigation was opened into the treatment of migrant children in Texas shelters.”

Save the Children denied the accusations, emphasizing its commitment to child welfare. The prosecutors, accused of corruption, claimed NGOs, including Save the Children, could be involved in child trafficking. The controversy escalated when a video surfaced, and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was called upon to aid the investigation.

Paxton, known for his stance on migration, previously tried to sue a migrant aid group over similar allegations.

The allegations echo those made by Guatemalan prosecutors. Paxton’s involvement without proper diplomatic protocols raised questions by others.

While facing international criticism, Guatemalan Attorney General Consuelo Porras sought allies among far-right U.S. lawmakers. Key officials involved in the investigation are sanctioned for hindering anti-corruption efforts in Guatemala.

Here are some more details reporting on donors to the group:

Guatemalan prosecutors raided Save the Children’s offices following allegations of involvement in child trafficking, spurred by a letter from Guatemala’s Public Ministry to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

The post raises questions about connections between Save the Children and notable figures like Ghislaine Maxwell, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Hillary Clinton.

It also mentions Save the Children’s past association with Disney, juxtaposing it with Disney employees’ arrests for child exploitation.

The post speculates about the fate of missing children from the US border crisis.

Donors of the group are not caused by wrongdoing.

Here is the scene at the time of the raid:

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