Day Two of Abandoned Real America’s Voice Town Hall Wendesday- Must Watch

Two months after the Norfolk and Southern train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, the people of the area still don’t have answers to the most critical questions they have about what chemicals were dumped into their environment and changed their water, air, and soil.

And to make matters worse, the Democrat administration of Joe Biden has done nothing to help them, according to the participants on the first day of the Real America’s Voice live coverage.

Ben Bergquam, host of the RAV show Law and Border, exposed the water’s chemical makeup that continues to frighten residents, mainly because they don’t know what to treat.

Watch Bergquam show the scary details as he agitates the water and exposes a rainbow glow of chemicals, which is suspicious because he is in an area that was supposed to have been cleaned.

“If this were a Democrat city then people would be protesting in Washington DC over this because it is unacceptable,” Bergquam said.

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