DC FRAYING: Tale of Two Cities, Update From Late Night House Floor Activity

The powerful effects of money and power are on full display as a massive-centralized US Government has its dirty secrets aired for the world to see, from a once noble system- turned against its own people for profit and fame.

It was ever thus.

From an early morning update about what is happening in the ‘ruling city’ of America by the AP, we smell the panic of government workers who can think of nothing more than getting themselves paid:

“The Congress is starkly divided over very different paths to preventing a federal shutdown — the Senate charging ahead with a bipartisan package to temporarily fund the government but the House slogging through a longshot effort with no real chance of finishing by Saturday’s deadline.

With days remaining before a federal closure, the stakes are rising with no resolution at hand.

A shutdown would furlough millions of federal employees, leave the military without pay, disrupt air travel and cut off vital safety net services, and it would be politically punishing to lawmakers whose job it is to fund government.”

And from independent media sources, we see the change agents rise.

Here is a brief glimpse at what is unfolding on the other side:

US Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FLA) told the House To withhold his pay during the likely coming government shutdown, while brazed theft by the Biden crime family was also displayed.

The contrast was stark.

“It is my understanding that pursuant to the Constitution, members of Congress will continue to receive their pay during a lapse in appropriations. Therefore, I am requesting that in the case of a lapse of appropriations beginning at 12:00 a.m. on October 1, 2023, my pay be withheld until legislation has taken effect to end such lapse in appropriations in its entirety,” Gaetz was quoted as saying on Tuesday.

At the same time, Gaetz is throwing his money behind the people, and the greed and power grabs by others are being exposed.

And for once in a long time, the House was forced to debate the issues so the American people could see who wants to keep spending massive amounts of money the nation does not have, sending the country into destruction- and who is trying to save the American Republic.

The battle is over US Reps who want to hide behind the idea that they are giving the American people a “hand up”. In contrast, others say that the funding of foreign countries and unpopular policies needs to be met with fiscal responsibility.

This entire shutdown battle is over the looting of the American people and over civil servants imposing burdens upon the tax base that are not at all sustainable- due to insane spending on a government that no longer cares at all about the people who pay for it.

Just as Steve Bannon of the War Room explains:

Here is the latest:

US Reps met at the US Capitol late on Tuesday night to vote as they face a government shutdown. To complicate the situation for lawmakers, at the same time, they received breaking news in the Nation’s Capitol about Hunter Biden, the son of the President, who had listed his Dad as a beneficiary of $250 thousand wire from the Chinese Community Party.

So just as the government faces shutdown by the end of the week, the impeachment trial for Joe Biden was also in it’s pre-trial stages.

One rep posted a live update early Wednesday morning, saying he felt good about the votes and the debate that had just happened.

“9 budget balancing multi-billion dollar saving amendments all failed but we voted on them individually. It’s a start,” Us Rep Tim Burchett (R-TN) said in a live update at 1 AM as he was leaving the US Capitol.


From our past reporting: 

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