‘Death to Communism’ Banner Waves at Yankee Stadium

A massive sign of support for President Donald J. Trump showed up at the iconic American Yankee stadium in New York and has started a lot of conversations about what the owner of the banner is conveying to American voters.

As Independent journalist Laura Loomer reported, the “Trump or Death” banner is not calling for the death of any person or for violence. The huge banner calls for the death of an ideology responsible for the oppression of much of the un-free world… and the murder of 40- 94 Million humans- or more.

WHO COULD GET UPSET BY THAT? (Trump’s opponents can and do.)

Think about it- according to the Black Book of Communism:

“94 million is the estimated number of victims. According to the introduction, the number of people killed by the Communist governments amounts to more than 94 million. The statistics of victims include deaths through executions, man-made hunger, famine, war, deportations, and forced labor.”

And that is what the “Trump or Death” flag is, according to the owner of the banner.


And be prepared that Trump’s opponents will not be happy:

That’s ok.. because we are not happy about the idea of Communism on our shores.

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