THE FLY: Mike Pence Beclowns Himself for an Audience of Paid Supporters, Fox News Propaganda

Highly pampered and overly paid actors in a massive kabuki theater are flaunting how out of touch they are with the American people, and we are left to wonder if anyone remembers that our founders wanted to keep psychopaths, narcissists, megalomaniacs, and sociopaths so busy doing stupid stuff that these power seekers would leave liberty-loving people alone.

But our system is upside down, and now we have to fend for our very lives while watching this assorted bunch of clowns actually try to get more control of the American Republic.

This clip that Mike Pence is proudly promoting is fascinating to watch.

Check it out if you want to feel gobsmacked at the level of propaganda Fox News has lowered itself to over the 2023 Presidential race. Mike Pence, who is running for POTUS as ‘ the most qualified human on the planet to lead Americans’, appeared on Fox News and bragged about what “Our Administration” did… he really went there.

That would be the administration of President Donald J. Trump.

To everyone outside of the ‘shuck and jive’ of political theater- it was an amazing moment of Mike Pence- beclowning himself.. in public.. on Fox News.. for an audience of campaign activists.

Look closely, because anyone who has worked around campaigns can recognize some of the “audience members”…

Here you go, America.. this is our Fear and Loathing on the campaign trail 2023. And if you are asking yourself, “What in the HECK is wrong with Mike Pence?” you are not alone:

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