DEM Chicago Alderman Raises Alarm Over Tuberculosis in Shelters for Illegals, Criticizes Democrats

Democratic Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez has voiced concerns over the lack of attention from city officials regarding a potential health crisis after the confirmation of tuberculosis cases in homeless shelters for illegals.

Lopez disclosed that he had been alerting officials about the possible crisis since August when ambulance receipts indicated positive tuberculosis tests. He criticized the city’s management of the situation, asserting that implementing the American standard of vaccines for all illegals shipped to Chicago could have prevented the crisis.

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” Lopez highlighted the alarming statistic that Chicago reported 56 of the 97 measles cases nationwide in 2024. He underscored the risks associated with waiving vaccination requirements for asylum seeker children entering U.S. public schools, emphasizing the threat to individuals, families, and communities.

Lopez’s apprehensions arise amidst accusations against Mayor Brandon Johnson’s administration for concealing health issues among migrants residing in city-run shelters. He alleged that incidents of illness among migrants had been documented in shelter incident tickets filed by the Chicago Fire Department and ambulance services long before any official acknowledgment. Despite repeated attempts to seek comment from Mayor Johnson’s office, there has been no response.

Efforts to mitigate the outbreak include vaccination campaigns, with over 5,000 migrants vaccinated against measles, mumps, and COVID-19. Nonetheless, Lopez expressed concerns about a potential rise in confirmed cases as the city plans to shutter some shelters in the coming weeks. Against a backdrop of mounting apprehensions about public health and transparency, Ald. Lopez stressed the urgent need for action to address the crisis and ensure the safety of migrants and the broader community.

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