Chinese Refugee in Darien Gap Expresses Support for Trump, Fear of CCP

In a remarkable encounter in the treacherous Darien Gap, a Chinese refugee fleeing the oppressive regime of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) expressed his unlikely but passionate support for President Donald Trump and also expressed his disdain for current Democrat President Joe Biden.

Recently Ben Bergquam interviewed a man and his family who were fleeing the disastrous CCP, and explaining that Communism is “Hell” and America should never allow themselves to become Communists:

We first wrote about this family and their fearful flight from the CCP here

This is Bergquam’s follow-up to that story:

The encounter, captured on video by Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam, showed two men expressing joy over an iconic red “MAGA” hat.

The video shows Bergquam presenting his personal red “Make Trump President Again” hat to the Chinese refugee, who identifies himself as John.

In their conversation, John expresses his gratitude for Trump’s tough stance against the CCP and his fears regarding Biden’s policies, particularly on immigration.

Bergquam, known for his reporting on border security as host of RAV Law and Border and for his conservative politics, describes the encounter as profound. “Trump-supporting Chinese Christian escaping the CCP found in the middle of the Darien Gap. This guy gets it!” Bergquam wrote in a social media post. “I’ve waited to post this video until I knew John and his family were in a safer place.”

John’s support for Trump might surprise many, considering the typical narratives surrounding Trump’s policies on immigration and his often contentious relationship with China. However, John’s perspective reflects a deeper understanding of geopolitics’ complexities and policies’ impact on individuals fleeing oppressive regimes.

In the video, John expresses his fear of the CCP and his gratitude for the opportunities offered by the United States. He describes the CCP as a repressive regime that suppresses religious freedom and violates human rights. His support for Trump stems from the former president’s tough stance on China and his efforts to hold the CCP accountable for its actions.

Moreover, John criticizes Biden’s immigration policies, particularly his approach to border security. According to Bergquam’s post, John believes that Biden’s open-border policies not only endanger American citizens but also jeopardize the safety of genuine asylum seekers like himself and his family. He accuses Biden of being influenced by cartels and failing to prioritize national security.

The encounter highlights the diversity of perspectives within immigrant communities and challenges stereotypes about political affiliations. It also underscores the global implications of U.S. policies, particularly regarding immigration and relations with authoritarian regimes like China.

As John and his family seek refuge in the United States, their journey serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring quest for freedom and the complexities of navigating political landscapes in pursuit of a better life.

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