Democrats Utopia Realized In Afghanistan As Little Girls Are Sold As Sex Slaves

We need to be brave enough to call this out for what it is- in Afghanistan, the Democrat’s Utopia has been realized.  After saving the world from the law and order that President Donald J. Trump was building, lawlessness and abuse is now at the front steps of billions of humans around the globe.

Key Point: The left pretends to not understand that their Global Communism, and theft of resources, leads to human suffering.

Nowhere are the policies that Democrats and leftists worked for more evident than in Afghanistan – right now.  Trending news on Sunday morning is a recent CNN report about parents, so desperate for survival, that they are selling their young daughters into the sex slave trade.

Consider this report by CNN:


“Parwana Malik, a 9-year-old girl with dark eyes and rosy cheeks, giggles with her friends as they play jump rope in a dusty clearing.

But Parwana’s laughter disappears as she returns home, a small hut with dirt walls, where she’s reminded of her fate: she’s being sold to a stranger as a child bride.
The man who wants to buy Parwana says he’s 55, but to her, he’s “an old man” with white eyebrows and a thick white beard, she told CNN on October 22. She worries he will beat her and force her to work in his house,”  CNN cheerfully reported, as if they were writing a porn story for the mentally ill.

Of course, CNN doesn’t care about the disaster, the conditions or the remedies to this problem, they just are looking for the clicks. Never would it occur to a CNN reporter that the very people around the Globe who support them, are the people who support the policies that led to that young girl living as a sex slave.

And the United Nations, the world’s ‘authority on justice is nowhere to be found:

A woman who identifies herself on Twitter as: “Hindu Human Rights | Climate Sciences | 23 | Graduate & Former President @UniofOxford| Former staffer@houseofcommons” wants you to know she is angry that little girls in Afghanistan are sold as sex slaves.

Leftist Rashmi Samant here condemns the UN for virtue signaling, in a post that is pure virtue signaling because Samant also supports the leftist Democrat Utopia of “climate change.


As discussed earlier in the year, when making Iran- of all places – the watchdogs for the UN, on Women’s rights- with the support of US Democrats, who voted to allow it, lawmakers should have be able to see where the Democrat’s Utopia was headed.


According to the latest press releases from Iran at the UN, they don’t care about what is happening to women or girls in Afghanistan.

Iran’s latest reporting is about the COVID vaccination; More Democrat-leftist-Global Communism Utopia.


Quick update on COVID‑19 from Iran:  our team there, led by Resident Coordinator Stefan Priesner, continues to support authorities’ response to the health, humanitarian, and socioeconomic needs of those impacted by the pandemic.  We are also focusing on helping the most vulnerable people, including refugees, undocumented Afghans who have been living in Iran for years, and thousands of people who have recently crossed into Iran from Afghanistan.  Our team says that daily death rates are declining as more people are getting vaccinated.  The World Health Organization (WHO) says more than 72 million vaccines have been administered so far, easing pressure on hospitals and health care.  The UN team helped to deliver more than 12 million doses of vaccines through COVAX.  Iran also received more than one million doses bilaterally.  We are working to secure the donation of more vaccines, including a significant number for Afghan refugees through COVAX.  And we are there to help with the logistics to store vaccines.

The Democrat’s paradise- where everyone is focused on obey government directives about COVID and can think of nothing else.

More reading on the Democrat’s utopia:

And leftists do not care at all.

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