Dems Go Rouge in the Field: Tale of Two Parties on Immigration Highlighted at Judiciary Committee in Yuma, AZ

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice and host of Law and Border, was in Yuma, Arizona, for a Congressional hearing this week and had a chance to meet with US Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FLA) and talk to him about how the US House can make some impactful changes at the border to protect people, even while Democrats- including Joe Biden and his administration- are representing the United Nations love of migration, and ignoring the emergencies at the border.

While Republicans seek America First policies and went to investigate how the American people are actually impacted by ‘open borders’ policies, Democrats are refusing to participate, ignoring the American people, and pushing for more leniency on criminals and open access to the nation.

One of these things is not like the other.

In fact, Democrats are so determined to keep harmful policies in place that benefit them, that they are refusing to participate in the process of the House Committees, Democrat members are apparently pouting because House Committee meetings are now dominated by a new Republican majority authority after the 2022 elections.

The people voted for a change from the Democrat-led House.

Gaetz, who fought hard for needed reforms to Congressional powers during the speaker debate, seems unfazed about the temperamental Democrats, who lost their majority powers.

Gaetz and some GOP members of the House Judiciary Committee held what they described a ” field hearing” at City Hall, in Yuma AZ, focusing on border issues, calling it “The Biden Border Crisis: Part II.”

Gaetz talked to Bergquam on Friday about the powerful position the GOP members are in. He is hopeful that they can actually make some changes that the American people want to see by forcing some moment.

Local AZ news, KYMA, reported details on the hearing, including how the Democrats are playing games trying to discredit the majority Party with their own personal and private hearings:

“The members of Congress in town include Arizona Representatives Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar, committee chairman Jim Jordan from Ohio, and Matt Gaetz from Florida.

This is the second hearing this month about the border for the House Judiciary Committee, the first one being held in D.C. on February 1.

The first hearing included Democratic members of the committee, who have since claimed Republicans excluded them from plans to visit Yuma with them.

Chairman Jordan informed the committee of a border visit during their first border hearing on February 1.

Democrats say they are planning their own border field hearing for March.

Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines is a ‘witness’ in the hearing and will be taking questions from the lawmakers.

Gaetz told Bergquam about the tour the Congressional members had taken of the area, including hospitals, law enforcement, and food banks, where he said pressure from immigration was impacting educational systems even because of the massive volume of people coming over the border and putting demand on services :

“We are laying a factual predicate for the reforms that we have to be willing to dig in on in the House of Representatives. We all know we’re in a divided government right now. We have an Administration intent on turning the border into a turnstile and a Senate that is not intent on doing much of anything. So if anything’s going to happen, it’s going to because the House of Representatives, ignites the demand for Asylum reforms, for the stay in Mexico policies for the physical border security and for the support for our Customs and Border Patrol- to do something other than immigration processing. We want to actually unleash their capabilities to secure our border,” Gaetz said.

The two then discussed the upcoming budget discussions likely to highlight the border conflicts. Finally, Gaetz spoke about the changes that had been made to the Republican’s negotiating process, which has not been used before, which he believes gives the GOP some leverage to get genuine action items done:

“Well, here’s the deal then now because of the tools, I fought really hard for the beginning of January, we’re actually going to individually consider these different agencies and their budget proposals. Because before you had to vote for the Homeland Security budget, the same time, you voted for the Department of Education budget, and for the Department of Labor budget, ” Gaetz said, adding:

” So now we’re going to be able to tweeze through the different strategies that are effective. And we’re going to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff and I think that that will force the White House and the Senate to the table to discuss those policy matters. I’m ready to fight for them because if we don’t have a border, we do not have a country. I think Republicans are increasingly coming to that view in great Unison, ” Gaetz said.

“American communities like Yuma, Arizona, are completely overwhelmed because of illegal immigration. That’s why Republicans are igniting demands for asylum reforms, protecting the Remain In Mexico policy, finishing the Wall, and unleashing the capabilities of our Border Patrol agents,” Gaetz posted on Twitter with the interview between himself and Bergquam:

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