Real Journalism: Real America’s Voice ‘Law and Border’-Will Deconstruct Border Damage to US

Ben Bergquam, the host of Real America’s Voice show –Law and Border, has been investigating the cause of the disaster at the Southern Border of the United States and traced the origins all the way down to the southern point of South America thru Central America and he is prepared to show the American people how the disastrous policies of Democrat Joe Biden and his administration are to blame for what is brutalizing humanity and dragging them to our shores through a very dangerous and often deadly journey.

Watch Law and Border on Real America’s Voice and download their AP in the ap store.

Here is what Bergquam has to say about what to expect on Saturday:

“New Episode of Law & Border is coming this weekend. It’s not an understatement to say it may be the most powerful show on the true consequences of open borders you have ever seen! Please tell your friends and family. Premier this Saturday at 4pm eastern only on Real America’s Voice News

Expose and defeat the left!

Posted on 10:02 PM · Feb 22nd, 2023
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