Dems Walk Out of Hearing! OHU Removes Video on Genital Gender-Afirming Surgeries After Ad Exposes Practice is Being Used

Concerned Women for America released a video ad that shows a man talking about performing a high volume of genital gender-affirming surgeries and hinting that he and his peers were experimenting on adolescents.

The video adds to a confusing amount of information and misinformation regarding what social justice medicine advocates call “Gender Affirming Care.”

Over the past year, the media has flooded the public with stories about surgeries and hormone blockers for adolescents, with gender clinics popping up around the country to collect government funding for transgender care. It almost seems as if the whole thing is being orchestrated to confuse people.

Democrat Joe Biden has used taxpayer funds to prioritize the practice of transgender care, leaving people scrambling to figure out how to capitalize.

Some schools of medicine that are developing ‘gender clinics’ to fulfill what the Biden administration has incentivized have been accused of performing surgeries on very young children, even on Toddlers ages 2-6, with little to no proof of the practice happening on anyone that young.

There is a lot of misinformation on the topic- thereby giving the Democrats an excuse to claim that all discussions about surgeries on youth are lies- and should be dismissed outright.

However, it is happening- according to a recent dust-up in DC, at least one practitioner, seen in a video talking about gender surgeries, as he is openly talking about performing actual surgeries from ‘OHSU” on “many people,” including adolescents, without peer-review- causing great concern from the public.

As seen in this video:

So new laws are needed to safeguard vulnerable people and children from the practice.

There is a lack of information available about how often surgeries actually happen, however one source has 56 children ages 13-17 is the right number :

Recently in a Congressional hearing on the topic discussing the need for such laws, the Democrats were enraged in debate on the issue and walked out when Transgender surgeries was brought up, according to US Rep. Kat Cammack, who posted on her Facebook about it:

“Yesterday, Democrats WALKED out of our Energy & Commerce Committee hearing in protest over an amendment prohibiting funding for adolescent gender reassignment surgery at children’s hospitals.

No taxpayer funding for gender reassignment surgeries on minor children caused the Democrats to walk out.

Instead of sticking out and having a dialogue, they turned their backs and walked out. This shows just how far we have to go in returning our country. This is worth the watch. Check it out,” US Rep. Kat Carrack reported along with a post of the video footage of the hearing:

With states like North Carolina outlawing gender-affirming surgeries on children, the public discussion and demand for scrutiny on the topic has increased over the years, exposing a lack of common sense for people who would make life-altering changes to the bodies of very young people.

US Rep. JD Vance has talked about a federal law as well:

The discussions are confusing and complex- because there is not a lot of information on where these surgeries are really happening and who is getting the surgeries.

As the video points out, there is not much oversight on Gender Affirming Care Surgeries.

Proponents of Gender affirming care and the Democrats count on demonizing their opponents who are concerned about the problems with Gender Affirming care in general by claiming that everyone is lying about the surgeries happening and just ending discussions.

However, Joe Biden is sending money around to people who are exploring expanding the surgeries, and everyone knows that is a fact.

So when these fragile people are confronted with confessions from actual medical people that surgeries are actually happening in some places, by someone who also confesses to ‘experimenting on youth’ at the risk of ruining a young life- the Democrats are not prepared to handle the discussion at all.

What could they say?

And that is what happened recently on Capitol Hill when Democrats walked out of a hearing in a huff and a panic.

Here is how Cammrac, talking about Gender Affirming surgeries on youth, caused an uproar, with the Democrats walking out of hearing:

The scrutiny apparently caused OHSU to hide the details of their work that they once were proud to advertise as they removed a video from their website- as seen in the screenshot below:

Since Joe Biden’s push for more transgender care, and public incentives with funding for universities and medical institutions to explore the topic more, there is an equally strong push to end the national funding of gender-affirming surgeries:

Some of our prior reporting on the topic of gender-affirming care, as it relates to hormone blockers:

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