DENIED ACCESS! Bergquam Pushed Away from Court Building to Protect Hunter Biden at Hearing over Love Child

Real America’s Voice correspondent was once again threatened and told to remove himself from covering the details of a story, where the US-funded Secret Service – was escorting the son of the President of the United States to court for a child custody payment hearing amid a massive and historic financial scandal for the very same ‘First Family’.

Just days after Americans found out that Hunter Biden and his family members are implicated in a financial bribe that some reports show could be as large as $60 Million dollars of bribes from foreign nationals, Hunter Biden appeared in an Arkansas courtroom to try to get out of paying for the 4-year-old love child he has rejected and abandoned.

Bergquam has some questions for Biden about the scandals he is a part of with his other family members. However, Biden was whisked into the garage of the court building. While Bergquam remained on the scene to report to Steve Bannon on the War Room program, he was hassled by an unidentified man and told to leave the area and to stop filming.


Ironically the same thing happened to Bergquam when he was trying to cover the corrupt 2022 mid-term election in Maricopa Co. AZ.

We covered the details of that situation at the time.

Here is more of our coverage from today’s denial of 1st amendment for Begquam:

More about the massive scandal the Biden crime family is in the center of:

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