DeNiro Hides in Crowd, Then Gets ‘Curb Stomped’ in Front of NYC Courthouse

During Donald Trump’s ongoing trial for alleged falsified business records, one-time respected actor Robert De Niro, alongside Jan. 6 first responders, spoke outside the Manhattan criminal courthouse on behalf of Democrat Joe Biden. In a childish rant, De Niro warned that if Trump were to return to the White House, cherished freedoms could be endangered.

DeNiro said extreme things like : “Under Trump, government will perish from the earth!”

Despite being silent on trial, Biden’s campaign attempted to strategically use the media attention to refocus on the events of Jan 6, 2021.

De Niro criticized Trump’s potential return to power, emphasizing the dangers he believes it poses to the city, the country, and even the world. This statement echoes a sentiment echoed by De Niro in a campaign advertisement, where he criticized Trump’s behavior and called him “out of control.”

DeNiro, like a whip, surrounded himself with other people, so he wouldn’t have to face the consequences of his actions.

And then DeNiro was slammed by a wall of America First Trump supporters- who told him what they thought of him:

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