Joy Reid’s Freaks Out When Trump-Style Hair Cut Is Highlighted By Ben Bergquam

Joy Reid, a prominent American television host and political commentator, has significantly influenced public discourse through her work on MSNBC and her writings.

Recently, while in New York City, to witness the trial of President Donald J. Trump, she had the chance to interact with Real America’s Voice, Ben Bergquam and she called him a “F-ing Idiot” over his interest in her hot take on her signature branding of -“Cultural appropriation”.

Bergquam updated his audience about why he feels Reid is more than a bit of a hypocrite about her hatred of Trump:

Cultural appropriation, the adoption of elements of one culture by members of another culture, often sparks debates on respect, power dynamics, and identity. Reid has addressed cultural appropriation on various occasions, particularly in the context of race relations and media representation. She has been critical of instances where non-Black individuals or entities adopt elements of Black culture without proper acknowledgment or respect for the cultural significance behind those elements. Reid’s stance is rooted in the belief that cultural appropriation can perpetuate stereotypes, commodify marginalized cultures, and strip cultural expressions of their original meaning.

Reid’s critiques often highlight how the fashion and entertainment industries frequently co-opt Black culture while simultaneously discriminating against Black individuals. She also discusses the broader commentary on the need for equity and respect in societal structures.

However, Reid’s viewpoints on cultural appropriation are not without controversy. Some critics argue that cultural appreciation and appropriation boundaries can be blurry and subjective. They contend that Reid’s rigid stance might overlook the fluidity and natural exchange of cultural influences in a globalized world. Others believe that her discussions sometimes lack nuance and fail to recognize that cultural exchange can also foster mutual understanding and respect when done thoughtfully.

Despite differing opinions, Joy Reid’s contributions to the discourse on cultural appropriation are significant. She brings attention to the power imbalances inherent in cultural exchanges and advocates for a more respectful and equitable approach to appreciating diverse cultures. Her work encourages a deeper reflection on how societies can honor cultural diversity while fostering inclusivity and understanding.


Cultural and Aesthetic Choices: Many Black women from Africa and the African diaspora choose to dye their hair blonde for self-expression, fashion, or personal preference. This is a common and visible phenomenon but does not represent a natural occurrence of blonde hair.

While naturally blonde hair among Black Africans is scarce, the rarity of naturally blonde hair in Africa makes it a notable exception rather than a common characteristic.

And now let’s hear from Joy Reid about her respectful Trump-style haircut:

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