Destination Trump Rally: “Trump Did A Bunch of Doing, Biden Does A Lot Of Talking”

Ben Bergquam a correspondent for Real America’s Voice was on his way to the most recent rally for President Donald J. Trump and what he discovered along the way tells the story of America under Trump, and how people saw the opportunity of Trump, and how it is different under the left who Ben calls the ‘Woke-tardies” and who destroy American culture and only talk about doing things they can never accomplish.

“I’m in Cleveland heading to the Trump Rally in Youngstown and was driving by the freeway and saw this baseball stadium and I’m like, oh look Indian stadium.

No, because these woke Tardes change the name to the Guardians, you know, I trust, you more as Guardians, if you’d actually stood up and stood against the destruction of our culture by the Woke left.

The destruction of our country by the left and going after people like Mike Lindell and President Trump shame on them. ”


“Everything is so expensive under Biden. President Trump made America energy. Independent, Joe Biden has destroyed everything, the left touches,” Bergquam said, and then headed to the rally.

” We’re out here in Youngstown, Ohio. And this is what it’s about, I saw these men and stopped them to talk about what they are thinking about – right now. It’s about people standing up for America,” Bergquam said talking to three men who were on their way to work near the rally site for President Donald J. Trump.

“I pray a special blessing on your lives on your community, on your families, he said to the men, tell me, again, your thoughts on President Trump’s opportunity versus what Joe Biden talking is talking about,” Bergquam said, handing the mic to the men.

“Trump did a lot of doing but Biden only does a lot of talking and not enough action. He’s not doing anything for anyone,’ one man told Bergquam.

“Do we need God in our country?” Bergquam asked.

” Oh, yeah, most definitely. Yeah. Everybody’s got to believe, amen,” another man said.

“I love that, man. A special blessing on these guys. Lord, send it to him. Have a great day. That’s what it’s all about right there guys. Charles Aaron and Lindell, don’t believe the lies coming out of the fake news media, don’t believe the lies coming out of the Democrats- go vote Democrats out, vote Prosperity back in.

That’s what we need. People like President Trump actually do what they say they’re going to do. That’s the difference,” Bergquam said.

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