Trump Rallys Are Political Rock Concerts For American Patriots

Ben Bergquam had some ‘pre-game’ interviews on Saturday before the rally for President Donald J. Trump , in Youngstown Ohio. What he found was a group of patriots having a blast, waving flags, listening to music, laughing- and enjoying each other.

On the minds of the patriots is getting work done with civic action, but also celebrating America and showing their support of President Donald J. Trump.

The size of the crowds and the enthusiasm has not slowed down and doesn’t appear that it will in the near future.

Drew Carchedi, Youngstown, OH War Room Posse Force Multiplier, and owner of Sleepy Hollow Sleep Shop in Youngstown. P.S. If you need a #MyPillow and you’re in Youngstown, Sleepy Hallow is the place to go!


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