Diversity in Democrat Policies Killed Chicago O’Hare Airport, Taken Over By Illegals City is Destroyed

There is an Immigrant influx in Chicago airport, and only Real America’s Voice, Ben Bergquam, who is also the host of Law and Border, is reporting on the details.

“Illegals have taken over 3/4 of the shuttle bus terminal at O’Hare Airport in Chicago,” Bergquam told the host of the War Room program- Steve Bannon, on Friday during an on-air appearance.

Bergquam reminded Bannon that Chicago is a sanctuary city for immigration and that due to Mayor Johnson’s policies, things are getting much worse for the area. Johnson blames MAGA supporters for Chicago’s sanctuary city problems.. however what is happening to that city has nothing to do with MAGA and taking a minute to send a shout-out to another hoaxer who also tried to discredit the supporters of MAGA, Jessie Smollett:

Organizations like Pueblo Sin Fronteras and Catholic Charities have been accused of gaming the system and exploiting the crisis at the US-Mexico border, Bergquam told Bannon, adding details about the use of fraudulent nongovernment organizations in destroying the United States with out-of-control immigration burdens.

Listen as Bergquam expertly criticizes the Federal government’s handling of the immigrant influx and blames leftist policies for the destruction of an American city- and then check out his other footage:

Here is what Bergquam posted that should shock people:

Wow! If you thought that last video was bad, wait till you see this one! Listen to what the security guy says to me. What a disgrace! And it’s our taxes going to pay for it! O’hare International Airport. Chicago is being overrun by illegals! Mayor Johnson, you did this! #DemocratsDidThis #Trump2024

New footage from the Standard Club and Pritzker Park that is now one of more than 56 illegal alien shelters in Chicago! The legacy of Governor Pritzker: drugs, prostitution, and modern-day slavery! *This one’s bad, but I’m telling you, the next one’s worse!

I honestly couldn’t believe it when I first heard it. 2700 illegals being housed in a warehouse in south Chicago (2241 S. Halsted St). And this is only one of over 56 locations being used. People have no idea how bad this is going to get! The truth about the democrat’s illegal invasion: drugs, prostitution, child trafficking, and modern-day slavery. Mayor Johnson, Governor Pritzker, Joe Biden and the #DemocratsDidThis. #StopTheInvasion #Trump2024

More new footage of the illegal invasion in Chicago, from the Inn Of Chicago. People really have no clue just how bad it is going to get! *This is bad, but wait until you see the next two videos. It just gets worse. Law & Border – Real America’s Voice News


Holy cow! This was today at the 20th Police Precinct in Chicago, Illinois – Chicago is being overrun! Don’t let them lie to you: Mayor Johnson, Governor Pritzker, Joe Biden and the #DemocratsDidThis. #StopTheInvasion#Trump2024… *Stay tuned for more… this is just the beginning of what we found today! Law & Border – Real America’s Voice News


Venezuelan woman tries to grab her phone after telling me I don’t have the right to film her as she panhandles with her kids on the freezing streets of Chicago. This is what Democrat open border policies are inviting in! Mayor Johnson, Governor Pritzker, Joe Biden and the #DemocratsDidThis. #StopTheInvasion #Trump2024 *Stay tuned for more… this is still just the beginning of what we found today!

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