DNC Convention at Risk: Chicago Political Battle Rages Between Democrats Amid Their Crippling Border Crisis

Governor J.B. Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, both influential Democrats, are in disagreement over the handling of migrants relocated to Illinois from the southern border, and it could impact the Democrat Nation Convention this summer if the problem does not get under control.

There is big trouble in this Sanctuary City on Lake Michigan as the most significant political convention in the nation draws closer and closer.

Money over who is going to pay for massively growing cold, tired, and hungry foreign invaders is at odds with the two Democrats, who appear to be forgetting they host a sanctuary city.

Pritzker expressed concerns this week about Chicago’s lack of plans to add more shelter beds, prompting a response from Johnson’s team asserting the state’s authority to fund and operate shelters in any municipality. Tensions between the city and state escalated when Pritzker halted Johnson’s plan for a tent encampment in Brighton Park due to environmental concerns.

Despite the Pritzker administration providing over $638 million since August 2022 to address the crisis, Mayor Johnson, with approximately 14,000 new arrivals in 28 shelters, is seeking more assistance. State Representative Kam Buckner has urged federal intervention, stating that if the housing issue isn’t adequately addressed, Chicago and Illinois should reconsider hosting the Democratic National Convention.

Evictions from Chicago shelters, initially set for February 1, have been delayed due to cold weather. The city faces challenges in managing the migrant situation, and questions about the plan remain unanswered as City Council meetings continue.

This week, Johnson has extended the deadline for evicting migrants from city-run shelters for the third time amid the ongoing migrant crisis.

Originally set for February 1, the eviction deadline has now been pushed to mid-March. The extension comes after pleas from alderpersons and mutual aid groups, aiming to provide more time for migrants to find housing and process work. The new deadline applies to over 5,600 arrivals who will be evicted on March 16, with exceptions allowed for specific circumstances such as progress to permanent housing, severe weather conditions, disability, pregnancy, maternal health, gender-based violence, or bereavement.

The decision has relieved many illegals currently housed in city shelters, allowing them more time to secure housing and access resources. The ongoing migrant mission costs the city $1.5 million per day, with allocated funds expected to run out in April.

Johnson continues to call for federal assistance, but former President Trump is urging House Republicans not to support a bipartisan immigration bill.

Pritzker criticized Republicans for walking away from the table, emphasizing the political nature of the issue. The city has no plans to build more shelters and is urging the state to create shelters outside Chicago, a proposal dismissed by Governor Pritzker.

According to the website for the convention, “The Democratic National Convention will begin in Chicago on Monday, August 19, 2024 and conclude on Thursday, August 22, 2024. “

And it is not just Chicago that is experiencing the growing pains of being a Sanitary City:

In New York, radical Democratic activists in the office are doing everything they can to pressure people to service the illegals while they claim just to be humanitarians.

Check this little speech out, this is what Democrats in Chicago are fighting:

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