Civil Rights for Black Americans Found with President Trump, 81-Year-Old Chicago Resident Says

The Democrat Party is ignoring the unjust consequences of their illegal immigration schemes and the impact on the Black community, especially in Chicago. Black political activists are expressing concerns about the fanfare and outpouring of resources for new economic migrants from around the world, citing job competition the illegals are creating.

“So-called black leadership is sour. Black people have been on the Democratic Plantation long enough. We have to teach these people, the Democrats, how to treat us. We cannot continue to vote for the Democrats. I’m anti-Democrat. And for whatever reason, the black man is just messed up with this Democratic machine,” one long-time Chicago resident, George Blakemore, told Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam this week.

“The Democratic machine is not working for us, trying to chop us out, so I say to try the Republican Party; it can’t get any worse! I hope this is heard all over the world. Make America great again. We are voting for Trump,” Blakemore said.

Residents of Chicago, like Blakemore, are also frustrated with what they see as government manipulation to prioritize illegal invaders over generations of Black Americans. Many ex-Democrats call for drastic changes to corrupt leadership in politics and government.

Blakemore told Bergquam:

“I got here as soon as I heard that you wanted to find out the negative effect of illegal immigrants coming into the Black community here in the city of Chicago.”

I am worried about the education of our people, the native Black families, the ones who were enslaved in America, and how it can affect the educational system, or the welfare system, and the whole social environment because we Black people have not overcome the legacy of slavery still, and bringing a new people to compete with us for job contracts and his service is devastating to our community. And I asked this gentleman, would this go national? And he said yes,” Blakemore told as Bergquam captured his comments on the video.

Max Evans is already ready to get the meme machine started to make this interview viral:

Talking about an America First point of view, Blakemore made more excellent points:

“Self-preservation is the first law of nature, and we leave that up, but the government letting these people come in in the disguise of sanctuary, saying they are the new Americans, is wrong. What about the old Americans?” he said, adding:

“We have nothing but fears about the government bringing another group in to get ahead of us by the jobs good? Contracts and services like housing and medical are all aspects of a good life when others come in.”

“Do you know something about Mr. Blakemore? You know where he was born. With illegals, the government doesn’t check on these people. They know nothing about them when it comes to health, mental health, physical health, or whether they are criminals. So I can’t believe it. “

“I cannot believe and couldn’t wait to come from City Hall out to O’Hare to help with this interview,” he said to Bergquam.

Check out the full interview, it is fantastic:

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