Don. Jr Barred From Fox News POTUS Debate, USUPERS and King Makers Gone Wild!

Fox News is emerging as one of the greatest disappointments of all time after building a brand on the backs of US Conservatives, promising to provide reliable news and information for Americans about our most cherished civil liberties and to editorialize on current events about our rights to participate in the political process and focus on public policy that will define our civic participation.

They promised to serve the American people justly, and they failed, so they go into the history books as Usurpers. And this week they have been dethroned.

President Donald J. Trump called it- about how the American people would react to being mistreated- dead to rights, Trump was right:

Here is the headline: The American people have taken down another Kingmaking Media Giant.

(Note: This article contains the opinion of the author, and that is definitely going to hurt some people’s feelings. Be forewarned.)

Check out how far Fox News has fallen:

Fox News, owned by a foreigner, appears to believe that they are American political King Makers. That is not ok with the American people because Fox News is being rejected as a news source in favor of a social media timeline! Of all things to kick off the 2024 campaigns, that FACT has got to be one of the most epic things to happen in American history.

This is not the first time the American people have been successful taking down a giant- and that is important to remember on the heels of the great Bud Light cancellation.

The American people are showing their rebellious side openly now. They are not playing the game with the elite anymore, and that is so fascinating, especially for anyone who remembers the days of disgraced Dan Rather and his Rather Gate when a tiny little group of Americans on the website called Free Republic destroyed the career and legacy of Giant Rather, the long-time NBC anchorman- who was a liar and leftist propagandist. For decades, Rather was able to lie about the presidential candidates and the network execs could lie about how much the American people accepted it.

The American people are that powerful when they reach their limits. That time is now, apparently.

Now the world knows that after gaining the public trust, Fox News broke its promise; it turned its back on its audience, it mocked the public’s concerns, and now they are totally exposing themselves as being interested in the opposite of what it claimed to be about- and they have catapulted themselves into the dustbin.

Now people watch Fod, mostly to point out the horror show they have become.

Fox News is a platform for the usurpation of the American Republic. PERIOD! As Trump pointed out in his epic interview with Carlson, and as Trump accurately stated, the people know. The awakening has happened- there is no going back to Fox.

We have come a long way- baby , from the days of Bernie Goldman and his book Bias, where the corporate media had the power to hush him off of ALMOST every platform until no one remembered him.

In 2013 Fox was a hero in promoting Goldberg:

Now, 10 years later, Fox News IS the Bias that they said they hated. As much as they tried to hide that fact. However, their attempts to profit off Americans and also veil their true leftist agenda have hit the skids up for the 2024 cycle, to the point the network is viewed as if they are nothing more than a front show for the political usurpers of the nation.

Here is the irony: Fox News was been subdued and chastened by their former firebrand talk show host on Wednesday night, who has already gotten over 200 million more views on his social media time than Fox got on their massively promoted news and media network.

Read that again- a Twitter timeline got over 200 million more views than a major mainstream corporate media platform.

Polling shows that Trump is leading the Republican Primary by a huge margin. Trump and Carlson addressed that in the epic interview:

But Fox is so insane they believe they can gaslight the public about his campaign and take him out of the discussion and the debate process- which is just such an incredible sideshow of the political process for the 2024 Presidential campaign cycle.

Look – USURPER is defined as:

“A usurper is an illegitimate or controversial claimant to power, often but not always in a monarchy. In other words, one who takes the power of a country, city, or established region for oneself without any formal or legal right to claim it as one’s own.”

SO am I wrong?

And to top it off, Fox News network officials went out of their way on Wednesday night to show off their disdain for the American political process by denying all of the surrogates for the Presidential campaign of President Donald J. Trump to participate in any way with the flop of a debate they had.

Here is Don Jr. talking about it:


We covered some of the details of the FOX News power grab on debate night and how it impacted Jason. Miller, who was also disallowed to participate in the debate process:

Miller did appear on MSNBC to slam DeSantis (which is likely why he wasn’t welcomed at FOX):

The attempts to keep the American people in the dark about who and what makes up the majority- have finally- after decades of lies and corruption, been thwarted by a massive movement of American rebels who refuse to kowtow to the elite politicians and media “Kingmakers” of the country.

They are casting out those who have usurped the American public at various levels of media and government, can you see it?

Americans are hungry for truth, justice, and the American way like they have not been in recent memory.

If there was a soundtrack for the dethroning of Fox News- can you hear it? “The Belly Full, but We hungry. A hungry mob is an angry mob.. “

So far, this cycle of 2024 is proving to sound like something out of a Hunter S. Thompson fantasy —- except this is us… this is happening. It is our reality. And we are just starting.

And good luck to the mediocre minds who are going to convince the world that Americans do not want Trump back in the White House. We are in for some real keystone cop-style political theater- there is no doubt about it.

For more on how much impact Americans can have when they get their “bellies full” of injustice:

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