“They are Pissed”, Americans React To Trump’s Arrest

Ben Bergquam, a Real America’s Voice correspondent, reported to Steve Bannon and the War Room on Wednesday and Thursday to report on the landscape of Fulton, Georgia, where President Donald J. Trump was scheduled to surrender to authorities to be arrested in the most brazen and shocking leftist power grab the US has ever seen.

While there, Bergquam was able to speak with some very concerned citizens who rightfully acknowledged that they were also in danger for participating in civics and specifically questioning the 2020 election.

“If they can do this to President Trump they can do this to us,” two Georgia women told Bergquam about why there were in the area to show support for Trump.

Bergquam interviewed independent journalist Laura Loomer who spoke about a rally she had tried to have to support Trump, and give some details of the situation from her point of view in an excellent interview:

And Bergquam continued to describe the reactions over Trump’s arrest, by the people he spoke with:

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