ELECTION SIT REP: Exposing the Reality of Open Borders

In his latest episode of Real America’s Voice, “Law and Border,” Ben Bergquam embarks on a journey from San Diego to the Gulf of Mexico and around the Darien Gap to expose the reality of the open borders under the Biden administration. The episode, which is available on the video platform, delves deep into the heart of the issue, interviewing illegal invaders at American airports, near the wall, and even deep in the jungles of Panama. Bergquam’s travels reveal the true stories of migrants from South America, Russia, China, and Africa, and their intentions to travel to various cities within the U.S.

Throughout the episode, Bergquam highlights the role of various organizations and individuals in aiding these migrants and criticizes the Biden administration for handling the situation. He also sheds light on the involvement of cartels in human trafficking and the environmental impact of the migrant camps. The narrative is heavily biased towards a conservative viewpoint, expressing concern over the perceived lack of border control and the impact of illegal immigration on American society.

At the 13:00 mark in the video, Bergquam interviews a group of Conservative “Trump supporting” Chinese Christians, who provide insight into the situation. They explain that many Chinese are coming through the open borders and that there are infiltrators in that group, which should cause concern.

Bergquam also showcases his experiences of being harassed by activists for covering the real stories of what is unfolding due to Democrat Joe Biden’s open US borders. This episode serves as a call to action, urging viewers to understand the stakes for the upcoming election and the importance of addressing the issue of illegal immigration.

The episode concludes with Bergquam urging viewers to follow him on social media and visit his website for more information on the issue. With the stakes for the election being higher than ever, Bergquam’s “Law and Border” provides a unique and eye-opening perspective on the current state of the Southern border and the consequences of open borders.

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