PT. 1: NYC Democrat Tyrants, Kangaroo Courts and Cooked Judges Get Crushed by the ‘Giuliani Boys’

Rudy and Andrew Giuliani, a father and son duo, are immersing themselves in the U.S. judicial system, with a particular focus on their hometown of New York City. They are also delving into legal battles involving President Trump in Florida, aiming to dissect the legal challenges he faces.

Rudy Giuliani, a former mayor and former prosecutor, has a lot of history dealing with corruption, especially with a major case titled- The Pizza Connection.

The Pizza Connection was a major drug trafficking operation uncovered by law enforcement in the 1980s. At its center was a network of Sicilian mobsters who used pizza parlors as fronts for their illicit activities, primarily smuggling heroin from Europe into the United States.

Rudy Giuliani, who later became Mayor of New York City, played a significant role in prosecuting the Pizza Connection case. As a federal prosecutor in the Southern District of New York, Giuliani led the investigation and subsequent trial that dismantled the sprawling drug ring.

The case was named “Pizza Connection” because one of the main methods used by the Sicilian Mafia to distribute drugs was through pizzerias they owned or controlled. The Mafia would import heroin from Sicily, hide it in tomato cans or pizza dough shipments, and then distribute it to various pizzerias across the United States.

The trial lasted for over a year and resulted in the convictions of over 30 defendants, including high-ranking members of the Sicilian Mafia. It was one of the largest and most significant organized crime prosecutions in U.S. history, demonstrating the reach and sophistication of international drug trafficking networks.

Giuliani’s successful prosecution of the Pizza Connection case helped to bolster his reputation as a tough and effective prosecutor, which later contributed to his political career.

Rudy Giuliani and his son, Andrew Giuliani, have been covered in numerous legal actions in New York City, and we pick up the story on Thursday, May 9, to see what each of them is covering:


Andrew Giuliani reported live from New York City Trial against Donald Trump about the second day of testimony on Stormy Daniels. The update revolves around the alleged sexual encounter between Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels in 2006 at Lakes at noon. The trial in New York versus Donald J. Trump continued with cross-examination focusing on inconsistencies in Stormy Daniels’ accounts.

Key points included variations in her descriptions of the encounter and contradictions in her statements about feeling threatened by Trump. The defense highlighted Daniels’ career in adult films and questioned the credibility of her claims.

The session ended with a question from the defense suggesting that Daniels’ changing story was due to the lack of a sexual encounter with Trump, which was objected to by the prosecution. Additionally, testimony regarding FedEx packages sent to Trump in Washington, D.C., was presented, indicating future witnesses to handle checks for Trump. The defense emphasized the possibility of Daniels’ story being a false allegation. More updates on the trial are expected later in the day.


Rudy talked about the makeup of the judicial system in New York, in general, and the changes he has seen over the years with judges aligning with Democrats.

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