Environment Destroyed: Bergquam Gets Heated: “They are Coming to Steal Your Taxes, Screw Him-They Need to go Home”

Oscar El Blue Ramirez and Ben Bergquam, two correspondents from Real America’s News, have been on the migrant’s path through the jungles of Panama, investigating the origins of the UN’s Compact for Migration that is causing so many economic migrants to cross into the USA illegally and then live free off our nation’s resources.

Along the way, Bergquam is brave enough to show the real damage to human life and also to the environment, which Democrats pretend to care about.

While interviewing people, the two reporters ran into an Asian-looking man and had a bit of a tiff when he told them not to record him.

“I am going to get into your face; why are you disrespecting us and disrespecting America like that?
El Blue said.

And then Bergquam said it: ” They are  headed to America to steal your taxes, so screw him, he needs to go home.”


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“Even in the jungle, you can’t get away from the libtards! Listen to this guy. Message to anyone else who feels the same way: Go home!” Bergquam wrote, introducing the following footage:


Bergquam also busts the Democrats for acting concerned about the environment when they support the very policies that have created so much damage to the land, as seen in the following video:


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