NYC Sanctuary City Dives into Hell: “We Build The Wall” Was Right, Obama’s Dream has Come True

New York City is now experiencing all of the pains of being a town on the Southern Border, and that is something that many people didn’t project for 2023.

Even while the corporate media, like the New York Times, is hiding the details, the anger and resentment over illegal immigration are spilling out to the public.

Migrants who have come from all over the world, unchecked and unverified, and who are allowed to run free through the United States of America from the Darrien Gap, are now all over New York City, and people are losing it over the loss of their homeland and their freedoms as the consequences.

Even the Mayor of New York, Democrat Eric Adams, has been very unhappy about the conditions that are being created in his town, with too many illegals seeing sanctuary there and making life very unhappy for New Yorkers.

While the media reported on a recent uprising in NYC over the issue, they still want to blame “right-wing” activists- without considering the real alarm people are showing.

The Hill covered the details of a protest of economic migrants while progressive Democrats had a public appearance.

The progressives wanted to talk about their support of blanketing the city with the refugees of the world’s economic disasters- like Communism and Socialism- as a result of Joe Biden’s open borders policy.

The outlet explained that the mass migration of foreigners is due to Biden’s participation in the UN Global Compact for Migration- but they left out the part about how Democrats are incentivizing people to make their way to the US for the obvious purpose of destroying our society.

Progressives see the American working class as a sort of ATM for the disasters of bad economic policies around the world- and Democrat voters love the punishment that Democrat officeholders bring upon the American people, so they keep voting them into power.

Radical Barack Obama had gotten the US into the UN compact, President Donald Trump had gotten us out, then Biden- who is allowing Obama’s secret hand to control him- got us back into the transformative dream of America as a third-world nation- and now we see the results.

It is Obama’s dream come true.

Here is how The Hill sees things:

“House Democrats representing New York City were confronted by right-wing protestors at a press conference Friday to address Manhattan’s migrant crisis. 

Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Adriano Espaillat spoke Friday morning to push for a pathway for migrants to more easily start working as one way to ease the social burden of the city’s influx of migrants.

They were met with a loud crowd and were forced to shout.

“They are prevented from getting jobs, they are prevented from employment and that is part of the strain on our public systems,” Ocasio-Cortez said over protestors. “So the faster that folks can access the work that they are asking for, legally, the better we can solve this problem.” 

The progressive is also asking for increased federal resources to New York and other cities and municipalities dealing with a migrant crisis. And she said Venezuelans, the largest group of migrants entering the city, need an extension of temporary protective status.

Protesters held signs that read “Americans First: vetted and legal migrants only,” and chanted “send them back.”

Espaillat, the first formerly undocumented member of Congress, in response to the protestors, said, “the American Dream will not be bullied into submission today.” 

As of Aug. 5, Response for Venezuelans, a collaboration between the International Organization for Migration and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, reported more than 7 million refugees and migrants have left Venezuela. ”


In The Hill’s coverage, they are making excuses for the Democrats and the policies that are destroying so many lives but not everyone is playing that game.

Steve Bannon, the host of The War Room, deconstructed the same uprising at the Democrats of New York as the Hill, and what Bannon said was not pretty.

Bannon, who is being punished for his involvement in creating a border wall to stop the out-of-control illegal border crossings, has a painful reminder that he had warned people about what was coming.

It was the same- exact- We Build The Wall, who told Americans, “Every town is a Border Town.”


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