EPIC! Combat Zone Photographer Catches Rising Tensions at the Border Among Invaders

The US Southern border is getting so ruthless one reporter described having to use a firearm to prevent illegal invaders from stealing a vehicle and then added more details that show Americans are in grave danger of losing our peaceful and prosperous quality of life to a criminal invasion of foreigners.

And the truth is that the people coming over here do not all get along with each other- tensions are rising between them before they even get settled here. Here is the proof.

The Corporate media could quickly go to the border and capture the rising escalations between groups of tribal invaders who are crossing into the USA.

However, big corporate media ignore the situation, leaving Americans scrambling for news from much smaller sources, like the following reporter, who is brave enough to show the truth as he is camping in the desert so he can bring Americans the truth.

“Greetings, everyone.

I arrived back at the border in Lukeville, Arizona, a few days ago. Immediately, it was evident that it was worse than ever here.

By the second day, around 3500 had crossed illegally. Most of those crossing are from African nations where Islam is the majority religion, such as Senegal,” Jeff Rainforth wrote in a recent update to his border visit on his Substack.

Rainforth went on to describe his hair-raising investigation along the border in Arizona.

Rainforth is an experienced photographer and journalist who has covered combat zones, so when he reports an invasion at the Southern Border, he understands precisely what he is describing- and he has backup for that statement, according to his latest report on Substack.

(See Rainforth’s video footage on his YouTube channel, where he has a narrated version of video footage that shows rising tensions with the hordes of people.)

Rainforith cites a Border Patrol agent who described the situation the same way:

It is clear to see in an accompanying video of Lukeville AZ that Rainforth is not exaggerating:

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