Steve Bannon Floats Don Jr’s Name to Run the RNC After Dumping McDaniel

Steve Bannon appeared on Don Trump Jr’s podcast ‘Triggered’ on Monday night to talk about the state of American politics, political strategy, and election integrity and how the administrative state will do anything, in Bannon’s estimation, to prevent President Donald J. Trump from getting back to the White Hosue.

The two MAGA kings had a great conversation about the humiliations of the Republican party and their debate struggles that included such low viewership for all their 2023 political debates.

Talk then turned a pointy toward the Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, Rhona McDaniel, and the two just admonished her for doing a terrible job getting Republicans elected.

Bannon and Trump shared a sentiment that was also posted about McDaniel, saying it was her time to leave her post and let someone else have the critical position.

Here is what Green’s parody site posted:

But it’s really not a joke..

Check out what Bannon said to Trump JR in the segment that starts around the [19:00] mark, and then listen to Trump JR talk about his plans for winning more Republican races from school board to US House:

Here is what Bannon said:

“The RNC is dead broke, and this is not me saying, or Don Jr. This is the Washington Post going through the numbers and trying to get $9 million cash on hand and no small donors. Because nobody watches your show or our show, who will hit you with a 50?

They’ll hit Trump with a $50 bill, but they’re not crashing the RNC. They’re putting on another bogus debate, which nobody watches because they feel that it is some existential event like J six or something.

They think that if the media hits Trump or the bankruptcy trial, they’ve got somebody ready to go. They can push either harder, but more importantly, they want to consolidate that 15% of Republican voters or just a traditional Romney-type anti-Trump; they want to reduce that around a Nikki Haley type and drive it through the primary process.

And then, in July of 2024, force Nikki Haley onto the ticket as Trump’s running mate and let her try to run the administration from number two in there. That’s not going to happen.

But that’s her plan in the Washington Post. She ought to resign.

My candidate to run the RNC is you- it has always been, and it should have been, you immediately upon winning in 2016.

We made a huge mistake letting Rhonn take over. She’s been a total disaster. It’s time for a business guy who can step up there that people respond to, particularly if they want to get that small donor, and if they don’t get the small donor program up and running again, they won’t see any cash.

The RNC has $9 million of cash right now and is bleeding cash on things like this bogus debate in Alabama, and they’re going to do another one, then do another one.

All of it is to stop Trump,” Bannon said

Watch when Don Jr. talks about his ideas for filling DC up with MAGA.

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