EPIC RANT! You are Making Trump’s Support Stronger! Bergquam Sounds Off About Leftist Traitors

As news of the many scandals of the Biden administration start to become more mainstream, the administrative state is ramping up their attacks on the people’s choice of leadership- President Donald J. Trump, and persecuting him in the courts at the most depraved historic levels of any third world nations- showing exactly how far political players will go to try to Get Trump! and stop his momentum.

Even the New York Times has said that Trump is the likely GOP primary winner- because Trump’s polling is so high.

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, reacted to the news that there will be a new round of punishments for Trump this week, as the left ignores the many national crimes committed by Biden, his family, and his administration.

“They know he is going to win. They want a Civil War. They want to make the case when he wins that he is legitimate, and they are going to re-launch a Civil War and do what the traitorous left for the four years while he was President, and we are done with you!” Bergquam said as a video for his followers.


Read our coverage of the New York Times reaction to Trump’s polling:

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