Waters SLAM: as Trump Draws Near to Re-election, he Faces a ‘Psycho-Hell’ of Democrats Who Want to Stop Him

We all see it, the political gamesmanship against President Donald J. Trump and the MAGA movement who threaten the business of administrate state, their cushy government jobs and networks of power and usurpations of our beautiful republic.

Get ready because this article contains the writer’s opinion- and it is not pretty.

As Trump faces escalating levels of persecution by the people in control of our government services, our public servants are flexing their might to show the American people how far they will go to steal our human liberty away from us, but actually trying to imprison our choice of leadership- Trump- who is leading in the polls and shows a never-ending stream of support from the American people.

According to media reports from Martin Walsh, Fox News host Jesse Watters lashed out on “The Five” about the most recent 4-count indictment against former President Donald Trump, which was announced on Tuesday. As opposed to charging Trump over January 6th and keeping classified documents as “lawfare,” Watters argued that “sex and bribes” would actually be a scandal.

And Waters was as sharp as a sword on his other programing- which unnerved the radical administrative state- who did not want to even think about restoring law and order for the people.

Of course, the criminal left is scared to death of the way the American people see this scandal, as their President Joe Biden is implicated in massive crimes at a national security level- all they can think of is stopping Trump so he won’t get “revenge” on the most scandalous and depraved political the country has seen yet:

Walsh reported more about the Waters rant on the Five:

“You also have Jan. 6th, and I feel comfortable speaking for Jessica,” Watters began, referring to Jessica Talov.

“You really shouldn’t,” Tarlov shot back with a laugh.

“Then I’ll speak for the rest of the country that has their head on straight. Not everybody believes January 6th was Hiroshima. Not everybody believes that,” he continued.

“No one thinks that,” Tarlov replied.

“We talk to people on the street all the time. A lot of people don’t even know what January 6th was. And for the people that watched it on TV, they’re over it,” Watters said. “They don’t see it as a holy day the way you guys do. Again, the documents case and I’m talking about what Biden did with it, what Trump did with it. Regular Americans on Main Street aren’t fussing over where the documents went. They really don’t care. It doesn’t affect them.”

Watters declared: “In the nineties, you had sex. It was titillating. People were very focused on it. It was a different culture back then. If you find cash bribes that go into Biden’s offshore bank accounts, that’s going to light up the country. That is a cash bribe from a foreign company that’s in the bank account. Goodbye, OK sex and cash bribes. That’s going to do it. Documents and January 6th. It’s not going to do it. You have another thing. Greg said it. This is like lawfare. They call it legal warfare. If this was political, this would be like a political war crime. This is overkill. This is political germ warfare. These are political war crimes. It’s an atrocity. It’s like not just dropping one atomic bomb. You drop 15 dozen, Jessica, enough is enough.”

“This is the establishment terrified of Donald Trump’s reelection because of all the money that’s going to dry up and all the influence. And you know what? They’re terrified of the payback. And that’s what this is about,” Watters added.

“What happens if you trigger a reelection by Donald Trump and he gets in there?” Watters asked in an ominous tone.

“You think he’s not going to go after the Bidens? He might go after Dr. Jill at this point, after you’ve been rummaging through Melania’s underwear drawer, turning his life upside down. Payback is going to be a you know what? And you guys started it,” he concluded.


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