Eric Trump: ‘Simply, GO VOTE, To Fight Hardest for This Republic’

Supporters are gearing up for the 2024 election following two significant wins for President Donald J. Trump. The MAGA movement sees a promising chance to steer the country back towards traditional American values, provided people actively participate in voting.

It is surprising how many people who support the America First MAGA movement, simply do not go vote, or are not registered to vote. Trump’s point is that if people want to fight for the country, the need to go and vote.

“I think there’s no better person in the world to drain the swamp than my father again and what they’ve thrown at him. He understands that swamp and are a person you can possibly imagine I think we do as a family. You certainly start there, but you gotta get back to the basics. And you know, we need to have the best economy in the world,” Eric Trump told Bergquam, adding:

“We have to have the greatest educational system in the world. We have to have the strongest military in the world. We have to stop you know, this kind of so called World War three that we’re seeing, really springing up all over all over the earth. It’s scary. I mean, every single country is becoming a hotbed to either terrorism or you know, radical ideology. You know, countries are warring. They shouldn’t be warring and America was always the person that the country to stepped into actually stopped that. We’re not doing that right now.” Trump told Bergquam.”

In New Hampshire, Eric Trump, the president’s second son, joined Real America’s Voice Ben Bergquam to discuss the enduring influence of the Trump family. Specifically, Eric Trump highlighted the considerable institutional injustices that Democrats have imposed on Donald Trump, the leading contender in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. The conversation underscores the importance of civic engagement and the role of the Trump family in navigating the political landscape.

Eric Trump, recently back from an event in Londonderry on Tuesday night, discussed with Bergquam the challenges his family faces in the political landscape. He emphasizes that their involvement is a choice driven by love for the country.

Despite the weaponization of the justice system against them, Eric Trump explains that the family’s commitment stems from a desire to fight back against a system they see as deeply entrenched and biased. He criticizes the Democrats for attempting to make the political landscape so painful for President Trump that he would drop out, which had the opposite effect.

The conversation between Trump and Berquam, covers concerns about the direction of the country, citing issues like the southern border, fentanyl, woke policies in schools, revisionist history, religious freedom, and freedom of speech.

Eric Trump urged people to vote, have a voice, and actively engage in local governance to counter the influence of Democrats who have been more effective at weaponizing various systems of government. The interview concludes with a prayer for the Trump family and a call for this generation to stand up and save the nation.


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