Trump Triumphs in New Hampshire Primary, Criticizes Haley’s Premature Victory Claims, Promised to Reduce Energy Costs

On Tuesday night, President Trump expressed gratitude for winning the State of New Hampshire for the Republican Primary, which is a significant victory.

Trump has dominated in early states and shown that he has strong support from the GOP base. Despite finishing second, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley vowed to continue her campaign and criticized Trump in her speech.

Trump emphasized the importance of the state and recalled a past win there in 2016, and then criticized Haley, whom he mocked, claiming she declared her own victory prematurely, making fun of her for doing the same thing in Iowa recently.

In the speech, Trump touched on what he knows are the most critical topics to voters, including immigration, border security, taxes, and business regulations.

Trump thanked his supporters and handed the microphones over to two former competitors the crowd welcomed warmly- Vivek Ramaswamy and Tim Scott.

Trump reminded the audience of his promises to them, related to energy cost reduction for the state, saying he would handle the situation with “Drill Baby Drill” tactics .

Trump concluded with expressions of love and thanks to the audience, reminding them he was going to be in Nevada next, where it is expected he will win, and then onward to South Carolina, the home of Tim Scott.

Here is the full speech:

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