Every State Is A ‘Border State’ Under Joe Biden, Whose Clown Administration Admits They Are Clueless [VIDEO]

The crimes and problems of illegal immigration used to be reserved for those small towns around the Southern Border of Mexico and the United States. Currently, under the bizarre leadership of Democrat Joe Biden, every state in the United States is suffering from a potential invasion of illegal immigrants, as the Democrat administration has flown, bussed, and driven illegal immigrants around the country.

And not only does the invasion look planned because of the restrictions put on law enforcement to defend the country, but it also appears as if the Democrat administration is willing to lie to the American public to cover up their approval of the crisis.

Are they lying or clueless?

Consider this video by the Department of Homeland Security director Mayorkas, who plays clueless – as if he could not have possibly expected the results we have seen by allowing mass groups of people get to our borders with the ideas that they would be welcomed in and granted free amnesty.

Who could have known?

Who could guess that with such a generous free ride to very poor people, so many people would get here as fast as they could to collect?

We know from reporting that migrants have been told how to get to the country, how to lie so they can get past border security, and that they will get free legal status, and then be taken care of by Non-Government Organizations.

But Biden’s brilliant public policy directors just could not figure it all out.

Watch Mayorkas beclown himself:

Founder of Frontline American and reporter for Real Americas Voice, Ben Bergquam has uncovered the planned crisis in his courageous reporting, with powerful investigative reporting. Biden has restricted law enforcement and the media so that Americans both is helpless and unaware of what is unfolding at their expense.

Yet Bergquam persists. He, along with a network of brave pundits and journalists, are bringing us the stories that the Biden administration appears to not be able to understand.

Follow Bergquam’s work here on Frontline America, and on GETTR @BenBergquam.

If the Biden administration followed Ben’s work, perhaps they would have been able to predict what is happening at our border, how it threatens America, and what to do about it.

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