Everywhere is a Crisis for Reactionary Federal Spending for Dems, Except the US Border

President Biden’s proposed $7.3 trillion budget for 2025 has sparked significant criticism, particularly from Republican senators like Chuck Grassley and Ted Cruz. Grassley labeled it a roadmap to fiscal ruin, condemning its hefty tax hikes and excessive spending, disregarding the nation’s fiscal health.

“First on the Biden budget, this Biden budget is not an actual budget. It is a political campaign. It proposes massive new spending, it proposes 17 trillion in new debt. It’s also a budget that does zero to secure the border. It asked instead for more money to fly more illegal Immigrants to more cities in America to expand the invasion at our southern border. It is a political document, not a real budget,” Cruz said about Biden’s plan.

“President Biden’s FY2024 budget proposal is a roadmap to fiscal ruin. From its delayed rollout to its reckless taxes and out-of-control spending, this budget sends a clear message: President Biden doesn’t seem to give a rip about keeping his promises or securing the fiscal health of our nation.

“Even with near-record revenues, President Biden wants to raise taxes on every segment of America. Under his plan, the government’s bite out of the economy would be the largest since World War II. And despite all that, he’s somehow managed to continue adding to our national debt at a breakneck speed. It’s an unserious proposal, and both parties in Congress will treat it as such.

“It’s past time President Biden gets serious about the fiscal challenges facing this country. That means actually engaging in talks about the debt limit and working with Congress to restore the budget process,” Grassley said.

He emphasized the need for Biden to engage in discussions about the debt limit and work with Congress to restore the budget process.

Criticism extends to the budget’s allocation of funds, with concerns raised about extensive spending on global emergencies while neglecting issues at the US borders. Republican skepticism is evident regarding transparency in fund allocation, exemplified by questions surrounding additional funding for a Kenyan-led police force in Haiti amidst rising violence. There are doubts about the mission’s viability and concerns about prolonged US involvement in the region.

However, media attention seems to focus less on border issues, a point highlighted by Senator Cruz’s critique. Cruz accuses the Biden administration of prioritizing political goals over genuine budgeting, criticizing the proposed massive spending and tax increases, particularly targeting job creators and the oil and gas industry. He argues that the budget fails to address economic struggles and border security issues, characterizing it as a political document rather than a practical budget.

In contrast, Karen Dolan, from The Hill, presents a more positive perspective on Biden’s budget proposal, applauding its departure from trickle-down economics and emphasis on investing in American families and communities. She highlights the importance of fair tax policies, substantial investments in public services, and the protection of social welfare programs. However, Dolan criticizes the disproportionately high allocation of funds to military spending, suggesting a reallocation towards domestic priorities.

Overall, the Biden budget proposal has sparked a contentious debate, with contrasting views on its effectiveness, priorities, and impact on various sectors of society.


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