EXCLUSIVE CPAC: Advancing Orban’s MAGA On Enfeebled Soros, The Left’s Last Whimper?

Viktor Orban, the Prime minister of Hungry, appeared at CPAC in Texas on the opening day of the event for Conservatives last week, and his presence sent the RINO-left into a frenzy, most likely because Orban is the perfect person to teach Americans how to best expel the Hungarian born menace, George Soros out of America.

And it may have already worked on the left, who have apparently abandoned their post to fight to the death for Soros and his Open Society usurpations of our beautiful Republic.

Consider why: because at Orban’s historic address to America, there were four protestors who showed up and acted as if they had just gotten a free day pass from the convalescent center to have a little adventure.

What Orban said that day, in his speech titled, THIS IS HOW WE FIGHT, is the most critical speech against the corrupt and out-of-control left that we have ever heard in this country- because the man giving the advice on how to beat Soros and the left has street cred in fighting the left and Soros and winning.

No one has beaten the left in decades, and the RINO-left is unhappy about the idea of it happening now.

“The GOP is Viktor Orban’s Party Now,” pouted Max Boot for the Washington Post shortly after Orban spoke in a rousing speech to America First proponents last week.

The RINO -left had been pouting about Orban’s connection to America First politicians for weeks ahead of the Thursday CPAC speech.

Consider whiney Bill Kristol, who used to insist he was a “conservative’, who now admits he always was a ‘Globalist’:

Not only were people pouting about Orban online, but there also were a tiny little handful of Orban protestors at the event- who showed up at the hotel, and what I learned about them is telling of the waning power of George Soros.

There were enough police on hand for a much, much larger uprising.

I am a professionally trained (former) Community Organizer. I spoke with these elderly street protestors and asked them why they didn’t like Orban; I was told by the spokesperson of the group that he was an ‘antisemite.’

I asked the small group if they had listened to Orban’s speech that day, and they said no, they had not. I asked them how Orban could be considered a racist and an antisemite if he was promoting Judeo-Christian tenets of Western Civilization in his speech that had just happened.

I was told he had never said that before and was trying to trick us. I was stunned.

These people didn’t even take a Community Organizing 101 class. They had no hints of the street activists’ training over the past six years.

In a way, this small group of protestors was more shocking to me than any others I had interviewed before. They didn’t even know what was on the signs they were holding. In a way, it was sad as if I was looking at the end of Community Organizing in general.

If so, the Marxist left in America didn’t end with a bang- but with a whimper.

There were four protestors, and none of them had anything bad to say about Orban other than he had ‘denied the holocaust.’ When I asked the woman who identified herself as the group’s publicist what specifically Orban said that made her feel that way, she was unable to explain at all, other than to say that he called himself a ‘Holocaust denier”. So, naturally, she could not provide a link or give any information about where I could find footage of Orban calling himself a ‘Holocaust denier.’

In fact, none of the people in the space had anything to say that was negative, and they were somewhat bewildered about why they were there at all.

Two of the wire writers I had seen in the Media pit earlier came over to give the protestors a high five.

As a former Community Organizer, I was confused about what I was looking at; what was the lapdog media excited about?  These protestors were likely paid to carry their signs into the space without even being told what exactly they should tell the media about their opposition to the target.

If this is the remaining power of Soros, then we may have already won against the street activist, and we just haven’t figured it out yet.

Here is the big Orban protest:



Orban’s support of America First and Trump may have broken the left. At the very least it was a massive factor.

According to his bio, 59-year-old Orban Viktor Mihály Orbán is a Hungarian politician who has served as Hungary’s prime minister since 2010, previously holding the office from 1998 to 2002. He has presided over Fidesz, since 1993, with a brief break between 2000 and 2003.

According to a 2018 article, Soros has been on Orban’s ‘naughty list for a long time, and for a good reason; he has exploited the country, and Orban ran him and his devious schemes and Non-Government Organizations out of the country.

“Viktor Orban’s campaign against George Soros ‘mercenaries’Hungary is taking action against NGOs, using increasingly stringent laws and dubious methods. In a major shift, Open Society Foundations — backed by George Soros — has decided to move to Berlin. Keno Verseck reports,” according to dw.com.

It knows that Orban’s speech should give some great insight into what America needs to do to rid ourselves of the same mercenaries known as Community Organizers here in the USA.

Consider how similar our, Hungry and USA stories are  from the 2018 DW article:

“An era is quietly coming to an end at No. 19 Molnar Street, Budapest. This is where US-Hungarian stock exchange billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF) had its European headquarters. Now, in the rooms of the inconspicuous office building, files are being packed, and computers are being taken offline. The society is moving. In conversations, employees try to sound matter-of-fact. But everyone is aware that this move marks the beginning of a major shift.

The organization will be moving its headquarters to Berlin on August 31. As the OSF leadership announced in May, the reason for this is the “repressive political and legal climate in Hungary.” This concludes what began here 35 years ago. Soros has had a presence in the Hungarian capital since 1984, first supporting anti-Communist opposition activists and, after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, financially supporting civil society activities in the entire Central and Southeastern European region.

“It is important to emphasize that although we will be based in Berlin, we will not be abolishing our support for the region,” says Peter Nizak, who has been a member of the foundation for many years and is head of the OSF Central Eastern Europe Program. “But it’s true that, in fact, a chapter is drawing to a close.”

In his CPAC Speech- Orban said we are the same.

“Orban said liberals and progressives “hate me and slander me and my country as they hate you and slander you and America you stand for,” Orban said.

WATCH Orban’s speech:

We know that Soros pays for uprisings.  Is the fact that there was no uprising when Orban was here an indicator that Soros is about to be run out of the country or try to slink away quietly in the middle of the night as he has done in other countries?

Flashback to the Soros summer of riots 2020 when the country was ignited in hatred and anger:

Orban gave us a plan for the future. We can get out of this mess. We need people to focus on voting, starting its November.

And for what it is worth, a member of the Young Jewish Conservatives told me that he loves Orban- the attacks on him being antisemitic are entirely false. No one actually believes that Orban is a bad guy.

Soros seems screwed.

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