Exclusive Footage Independent Media Shows Death Toll of Crossing Borders, Bergquam and Rainforth Reports

The American media is helping to cause a massive humanitarian crisis that is unfolding around the world in the poorest communities, as unprepared people are being seduced to leave their troubled homeland where greedy socialist and Communist government policies have impoverished people and caused them to choose to trek through hazardous situations to try to find a better life for themselves and their children.

Tragically what they all to often find is death, and the media is ignoring that the governments and charities -who profit off of the mass migrations- are lying about the safety of making the trek.

Few journalists are preparing people for what really happens when they leave home to try to get to the United States of America, many times crossing violent rivers and finding themselves in quick rising floods-  to think they are going to easily walk into America where they believe the borders are ‘open’ and they will easily have a new life of prosperity.

Independent journalists Ben Bergquam and Oscar El Blue Ramirez filmed a conversation with a security officer in the Darien Gap, who talked about the likelihood of migrants and their children dying in flood zones- telling people not to come through the jungle- especially not with children.

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The officer relays information to the two Real America’s Voice correspondents that it is dangerous to be in the jungle and shows an area where he found campsites where migrants were sleeping in flood zones:


Investigative reporter and journalist Jeff Rainforth, who has impressive exclusive footage on his youtube channel from a recent tour of the Southern border and also has a substack–  captured the death toll of migrants who have died crossing the Rio Grande River.

“So many died that there is no longer room in the nearby graveyard,” Rainforth said, adding in his report:

“This is Eagle Pass, Texas. I visited as part of my recent 3-state border tour. According to Border Patrol, 853 people drowned while crossing the Rio Grande River into the U.S. illegally in 2022. The cemetery where they bury them in Eagle Pass ran out of room for bodies. I witnessed a few people who were almost swept away by the river currents and talked to people who said they had saved people from drowning,” Rainforth reported about his video footage.

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The death toll for these poor people is a disaster, and the truth is that the people who profit off of encouraging this kind of migration are not preparing people for the reality of the harsh conditions they will face. Unfortunately, these deaths have become more frequent as the United Nations and Democrats try to encourage more people to flee their homelands and try to get to the United States.

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